How do I get my adult child to move out

In May of 2018, New York parents Christina and Mark Rotondo sued their 30-year-old son for refusing to move out of their house. Hopefully, getting your adult child to move out won’t come to such drastic ends. If you’re among the parents of the 32 percent (!) of millennials (ages 25-30) still living at home and looking for a tactful way to cut the apron strings, it may be time to take action.

At Colonial Van Lines, we don’t know what the situation might be. Maybe the little tike can’t find a job, can’t find affordable housing, or simply can’t bear the thought of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and or anything else that comes under the heading of “adulting.” But when mom and dad start to feel crowded, taken advantage of, or just plain old embarrassed, it’s high time to get your adult child to move out. For all you need to know and some extra motivation, read on.

When Should I Think About Getting My Adult Child to Move Out?

The traditional school of thought on the matter is that a kid should move out after graduating high school. After all, kids are no longer legally entitled to live with their parents after the age of 18, and the culmination of high school often marks the start of a career or a college education. However, there is no strict age requirement. According to Time Magazine, allowing children to stay longer “will help them make the most out of the financial breathing room you’re giving them.” The call to action, thus, is when you start to get smothered.  

How Do I Know When I’m Getting Smothered?

When your child is disrespectful, making him or herself a financial burden or simply enjoying the creature comforts a little too, well, comfortably, it may be time to start pointing him to the egress.

How Can I Throw My Baby Out?

The first thing to remember here is that your baby is no longer a baby. She is an adult and is capable of making her way in the world. Keeping your child at home is a disservice to you both. When you judge  your child as incapable, you resign her to the role of a child, and yourself to the role of a caretaker. 

Be aware that your child may be uncomfortable with the new order, but that’s to be expected. Keep in mind that by seeing your child as independent, you will feel less guilt, less anxiety, and less fear of letting go.

How Should I Begin a Conversation About My Adult Child Moving Out?

Ready to get your adult child to move out with the least amount of drama possible? Just lay down the rules and give them the tools. Here are some supportive tips to help you keep the transition smooth.

  1. Start talking the talk. In the best-case scenario, your child should have some idea that living at home after a certain age is somewhat inappropriate. Perhaps you have started dropping few hints already, using sentences beginning with the phrase, “When you move out on your own….” Whether you’ve done this or not, it’s time to make moving out the new dinner conversation. Discuss where they might live and what they might do to support themselves. Visualizing life on their own will help them mentally prepare for it.
  • Make moving out seem desirable. Free at last, free at last. Remind your child of the freedoms he will have as master of his domain. (Staying up late, hanging posters on his wall, having friends over, etc.)
  • Keep talking the talk. Once you’ve started talking, keep at it. Ask your children questions and listen to their answers without judging or advising. Be a friend to them, first and foremost, but stand firm on the issue. (# real love is tough love).   
  • Help them find Affordable Housing.

Don’t pick out a place for them but do point them in the right direction. Give them an idea of what a reasonably affordable rent looks like in your area. If they’re anything like their parents, you can rest assured they’ll make an economically sound decision.

Help Them Find A Reliable Moving Company

Getting your adult children to move out may be hard, but with Colonial Van Lines, moving them out is easy. We’re dedicated to standing by our customers from the beginnings to the ends of their moves. We’ll get you started with a free reliable rate quote and follow it up by doing everything we can to make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

Full Service and Customized Plans

When you work with us, we make it our business to provide everything you need to make your move truly yours. Whether you’re transporting a single item from one place to another, or planning a large-scale cross-country move, we have the staff, resources, and dedication to assist.

Packing Services

If your not-so-little-one is reluctant to get packing, we’ve got it taken care of. We’ll show up on moving day with our specialized moving materials, blanket wrap, and experienced crew in tow to get your child packed and ready to go.  Count on our expert packers to treat all the belongings they handle with care and all of our customers with the courtesy and personal attention they deserve.

Storage Services

When your adult children move out, it’s not likely they’ll move into a spacious three-bedroom with a remodeled kitchen. For all they leave behind, Colonial Van Lines provides clean, climate-controlled units available for long and short-term storage. If they have no room for it, and you have no need for it, ask us about our affordable storage options. Spacious, secure, and state of the art, our storage facility is among the most highly rated in the nation.

Getting your adult child to move out of the house can be stressful. At Colonial Van Lines, we make sure the moving process isn’t. Call us today for a free rate quote, and we’ll keep the drama to a minimum.

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