Hiring A Mover vs. Do-It-Yourself

It’s time to move, and you’ve got two choices: hiring a mover or doing it yourself.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got at least one self-move under your belt. So it may seem like forgoing the help of movers is a savvy way to save money this time. Yet, the headache of moving all your stuff is most likely causing you grief at this very moment.

It is true that some moving companies charge an amount that is simply out your price range. However, it is still possible to find a reputable mover. Namely, one who is flexible and can work within your budget.

At Colonial Van Lines, we offer competitive pricing to service moves on all budgets. With this in mind, let’s explore the benefits of a professional mover. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of moving on your own. That way, you can finally determine which is best for you. There are dozens of reasons for hiring a mover, but these are some of the most compelling:

Pro Reason #1: Peace of Mind

Hiring a Mover Grants You Peace of Mind

A true professional mover will have a positive track record with consumer agencies. Additionally they will have updated licensing with government agencies. This ensures that the movers who enter your home are trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, their professional assistance provides an effortless and straightforward moving process for you.

Pro Reason #2: Movers Provide Supplies

Movers bring all moving supplies necessary to ensure belongings are packed away safely.

Pro Reason #3: Movers Carry Insurance

If damages do occur in the hands of a mover, you’re covered by the mover’s insurance.

Pro Reason #4: Movers Work Fast

Professional Movers Work Fast

If you’re moving last-minute, hiring movers is a great way to get the job done quickly. Movers work in highly-trained teams to execute your move carefully, yet efficiently. As opposed to self-packing, which can drag on for weeks, pro-movers can usually box up your belongings in a few hours. Furthermore, the loading and unloading process moves along faster with the help of an experienced and able-bodied professional team.

Pro Reason #5: Movers Do the Heavy Lifting

Professional Movers Do the Heavy Lifting

Professional movers are trained and equipped to move your items safely. The professional, able-bodied workers will use a team effort when packing and loading your items. Likewise, movers use innovative tactics and equipment like dollies to transport your heaviest items with ease.

Pro Reason #6: Movers Have Trucks

Professional Movers Have Trucks

Movers have a truck sized for every household.  By that same token, hiring a mover means you get the expertise of truck loading. Hiring a mover provides assurance that your household items will fit securely, as well.

Pro Reason #7: Storage-Services

Professional long-distance movers often offer storage services. This is helpful if your move-out and move-in dates don’t align. If you are downsizing, storage is a convenient option for you as well with a professional mover.

Pro Reason #8: Assembly & Disassembly

When it comes to breaking down your electronics and your furniture, the movers will be experienced and knowledgeable. Likewise, movers will likely have a bank of solutions for disassembling and moving your belongings.

Pros and Cons of Moving on Your Own

Every moving scenario is unique when you factor in budget, household size, destination and timing. Use this list of DIY moving pros and cons to help determine if a DIY move is best for you.

DIY Moving Saves You Money

DIY Pros:

  • You Could Save Money. When you’re not paying movers, you’ll free up your budget for things like temporary housing. When you can’t afford both, it’s obvious where the sacrifice needs to come from.
  • You’re in Control. As a self-mover, you are in charge of every detail regarding how your items get from A to B. This can be comforting for many people.
  • You Can Take Your Time. If you’re in no rush to move, the DIY process allows you to take your time with it. This is ideal for those with the luxury to move in stages, rather than all at once.

If you do decide to move on your own, we’ve got a list of moving hacks to make your life easier.

DIY Cons #1: Hidden Expenses That Sneak Up on You

DIY Moves Have Hidden Expenses

Self-movers often fail to consider many expenses that creep up in the middle of the process.

  • Moving Without Professionals is Time-Consuming. While you will have eyes on the moving project the whole time, that’s not necessarily a good thing. The self-moving process drags out for weeks or months. On the contrary, a pro move is an in-and-out experience. Moving on your own steals your precious time. Ultimately, you can incur lost wages.
  • Renting a Truck is Costly. You can’t rent one for cheap and it’s tricky to determine if all your items in your household will fit. You’ll have to be conservative with the space you need. In other words, you’ll overpay. In addition, driving a rental truck is disorienting for someone without experience. Not to mention you’ll still have to pay for gas.
  • Storing Items Means a Double Move. If you need to store some items or your entire household, you’ll have to complete the moving process twice. Yikes! You’ll have to pack, load and unload to a storage warehouse, then pick it up and load again to deliver to your new house. Furthermore, you’ll be renting a truck twice as well.

Some often unforeseen expenses to budget for:

  • missed time from work
  • renting a truck
  • paying for gas and tolls
  • meals and lodging on the road
  • costly moving supplies
  • damaged items

In the end, the reality of savings for a DIY move is a slimmer margin than self-movers expect.

DIY Cons #2: The Physical and Mental Toll

DIY Moving Takes a Mental and Physical Toll

There’s no dispute when it comes to acknowledging that moving is hard, with or without movers. Here are some of the ways a DIY move compounds the effects on your well-being and personal life:

  • DIY Moves are Distracting. You may be buying /selling a home, starting a new job, or dealing with another life-altering event. These require your full attention. If you are overwhelmed with moving on top of it, it’s potentially disastrous on your personal responsibilities.
  • DIY Moves are Physically Difficult. Healthy or not, moving on your own can be a serious physical challenge. You will literally be lifting thousands of pounds during your move. Your large/bulky items pose challenges to get through doorways or are awkward to carry.  The potential for injury is high, and at the least, you’ll be exhausted.
  • DIY Moves are Logistically Challenging. There are a lot of tasks to coordinate with a self-move. From gathering supplies to organizing and itemizing, to packaging delicate items. In addition, there is no one experienced to help you anticipate the challenges. You won’t have the necessary solutions you may need when things like inclement weather arise.
Hiring a Professional Is the Best Way to Move

The Verdict? Hiring a Mover Proves Invaluable

If you can swing it, hiring a mover is one of the top ways to ensure your move goes off without a hitch. In addition to the fact that they’re professionally trained, movers can also act as a wealth of knowledge. Professional movers will provide invaluable assistance to you in this process, as you struggle through the inevitable moving obstacles.

In conclusion, hiring a mover is safer, more convenient, and well worth the investment.

Need help moving to your new home? Contact Colonial Van Lines for full-service moving professionals and a free quote today!

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