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How to Move a Hot Tub

Having a hot tub is a dream come true, but moving a hot tub can be a nightmare. However, your new house won’t be your dream house without one.

Moving a Hot Tub: What’s the Deal?

Never fear, moving a hot tub is possible, it’s just almost impossible to do without the help of a professional. Hot tubs are complicated things; they can’t be moved easily. They need to be disassembled, moved and then reassembled, all of which takes expertise. Luckily, at Colonial Van Lines, our trained movers have that expertise. Our advice for moving a hot tub – don’t test the waters. Let our professional movers handle it for you.

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Why Moving a Hot Tub Is So Difficult?

Moving a hot tub takes more than people and know-how. It also takes equipment. Colonial Movers has the equipment, it’s more than likely you don’t. But on the off chance you did have:

  • Tow straps
  • 4×4 lumber
  • 2 four-wheeled furniture dollies
  • 1 appliance dolly and
  • At least four burly individuals

 hanging around, you would still need to take the proper steps. If the owner’s manual is too much of a hassle to read, or you simply don’t have it, ditch that idea and follow these not so basic steps.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the dimensions of the hot tub to make sure it will fit in your truck, either standing on one of its side or its bottom base.

Step 2: Moving Truck

Once you know the dimensions, secure a moving truck that will accommodate the hot tub. A medium-sized truck should work. If the measurements indicate that the tub won’t fit into the truck no matter how you position it, you’re already in hot water.

Step 3: Inspect Exit Way

Inspect the exit way from your house to the truck carefully. Make sure it’s free of any obstacles. that will prevent moving a hot tub smoothly. Check that the openings along the way are wide enough to fit your hot tub.

Step 4: Power Disconnection

Unplug your tub from the electric network. Coil the power cable tightly, put it in plastic wrap and tuck it securely into the storage enclosure in the side panel. You don’t want any electric cords dangling when your hot tub is in transport – safety first!

Step 5: Draining the Water

Drain your tub according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you know the local regulations for draining large amounts of water.  You may need to let the water out gradually into your garden if your tub is located outdoors; indoor tubs might require the use of a long hose to do the same.

Step 6: Drying the Hot Tub Out

Close the drain cap and dry off any remaining water using a few bath towels. If your spa has a cover, it’s better to remove it now and reattach it later rather than risk damage in the moving truck. If there are any screws involved, store them in a plastic bag.

Step 7: Moving the Hot Tub

Speaking of screws, this is the step where you can really screw up – transporting the tub into the van. Gather your helpers, have the 4 x 4’s at hand and instruct clearly.

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Step 8: Wood pieces

Have each of your buddies take a side of the hot tub and insert one wooden piece under the hot tub to elevate it off the ground completely. Now your tub will be 4 inches off the ground resting securely on the wood pieces.

Step 9: Furniture Dollies

Ideally, you’ll have a flat wide-open surface where you can tote your tub right on its base and into the moving truck. on its side. If you have this advantage, slide one furniture dolly under the front part of the tub and the other under the back. As soon as the tub is resting on the two dollies, secure it in place with straps.

Step 10: One Appliance Dolly

Not so ideally, you’ll have an uneven surface or even a few small steps in your path. In this case, you’ll need to turn the hot tub on its side.  Can a hot tub be turned on its side? Yes. Have your friends turn the hot tub on its side (side panel up to avoid damage) and slide the two-wheeled dolly under it. Is it extremely dangerous to move a hot tub using a dolly? You bet. Be sure to fasten the tub to the dolly as tightly possible and instruct your buddies to keep it steady with their hands as you go.

Step 11: Loading  

Moving slowly and using extreme caution, roll the loaded dolly or dollies up the vehicle ramp and inside your truck before loading any of the other furniture. Set the tub in the back of the truck leaving the dolly underneath and cover it with a thick blanket. Tie the tub to the side of the truck to keep it in place during the move.

Step 12: Unloading

Once you reach your home, repeat the process in reverse. Use it as soon as it’s set up. Chances are, you’ll be in need of a hot bath.

A Word from Colonial Van Lines

We’d like to take this opportunity to let our readers know that although we’re providing directions for moving a hot tub by yourself, we in no way advise it. What we do advise is contacting Colonial Van Lines for a free rate quote. Whether it’s just the tub or the whole house, Colonial has experienced, licensed, insured movers that will handle every aspect of your move from start to finish, which includes moving a hot tub. To learn more about our affordable, reliable, efficient and professional services, browse our website. Once you get to know us, you’ll know that you can trust us.

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