Living Your Best Life for Snow Birds

You’re going back to work, your kids are going back to school and they’re going back to the beach. Who are these privileged few who get to say “No” to snow, wind, hail, sleet, and slippery sidewalks? They’re the snowbirds, commonly known as Northerners who move to a southern state in the colder weather. If you’re planning to join the flock this year, but still haven’t decided where to flock to, you may need some snowbird advice. In that case, this advice is for the birds.

Snow Bird Advice

When actual birds migrate south, it’s a no brainer. They just use their vision-based magnetoreception and go where the earth points them. For humans, it’s not so easy. We actually have to put some thought into the matter. At Colonial Van Lines, we’ve seen a lot of snowbirds move down south and we have some thoughts on the matter ourselves. Here are some snowbird destinations that we recommend.

Sugarland, Texas

What could be sweeter than Sugarland, Texas in the winter? Nothing will make the medicine of winter go down quite like the craft brews in the Flying Saucer Emporium. Head over to Sugar Land Square for movies and live music performances, or to beautiful Brazos State Park for a spring weather hike in January. (Or if you’d rather go nuts, the state’s largest pecan trees in Duhacsek Park come highly recommended).

Palm Springs, CA

If you don’t mind trading in your palm trees for pine trees, there’s a mimosa with your name on it in sunny Palm Springs, Ca. What better gift to give yourself for Christmas than a pampering spa day at Palm Springs Desert Springs? And, with the desert heat easing up, the winter is the best time to enjoy a hike on the Andreas Canyon Fault or a ritzy stroll along Palm Canyon Drive for upscale shopping and fabulous cuisine.

Hilo, HI

Hello, Hilo! Or should we say, “Aloha?” Trade your shovel for a snorkel and venture to the tropical island of Hilo, Hawaii, where a dip in the Pacific is terrific even in January. Also terrific are the locally grown strawberry papayas at the Downtown Hilo Farmers Market. Breakfast on them as you search for the morning rainbows that appear in Waikiki State Park. Really.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Once the spring break destination for partiers, now the winter break destination for snowbirds, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is the perfect mix of waves at the beach and nods on the Boardwalk. Its charming canals have earned it the nickname “The Venice of America,” and its 23 miles of beaches have made it a top choice for snowbirds seeking a warm-weather retreat. You can sail on a catamaran above the waves, or dive deep below them to meet the local sea life. Then head over to Las Olas Boulevard to take in the high life. There you’ll find shopping, dining, and unparalleled people-watching.

Grand Isle, Louisiana

One thing that birds are known for – they like to catch fish. If your one of those snowbirds who’s headed down south looking for a down-home seafood dinner, the reel action is in Grand Isle, Louisiana. This barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico is not only known for its fish, but it’s also known for spring-like temperatures in the winter months. Hop on the offshore fishing charter with the Reel Screamers to try your luck with some grouper and red snapper, or simply hop on over to Starfish Restaurant for some po’boys, crawfish kicker and seafood jumbo.

What Every Snowbird Needs to Know

So, you’re a snowbird. That means you’re free as a bird, ready to take off for the coast every time the weather starts to get bad, right? Not so fast. There are a few responsibilities every snowbird needs to think about before flying the coop. After all, if you are planning to leave your home for several months, you should make sure it’s in good condition when you come back to it.

Never fear, there’s no need to get your feathers ruffled. Here is some snowbird advice on closing up the house to make living part-time in another state easier.

  1. Arrange for a mail hold or have mail forwarded. The USPS will send your mail to you for a fee. Note that financial documents, such as bank and credit statements will not be forwarded. For those, you’ll need to arrange with your financial institution.
  2. Pay as many bills online as possible. If you have utility bills, credit card bills, rent or mortgage that you can pay online, do so. That way, you will get an email alert when a bill is due, so you can pay from your online account.
  3. Shut off the water. There are enough horror stories about pipes bursting to know that keeping the water on and undrained for a long time is not the best idea. Open all the drains to let the water flow and leave the lowest one open. Not only will it keep the pipes from bursting, but it will also keep the water from sitting there and stinking up the place when you’re gone.
  4. Put your internet/ cable/ telephone plan on vacation hold. While not all companies will offer this service, it’s worth it to call and check. You’ll pay a monthly fee, but it will be significantly lower than the one you’re paying for regular service.
  5. Invest in a storage unit. When you’re leaving valuables behind, it’s always a good idea to invest in a storage unit. That way you know your belongings are safe, even in the worst-case scenario.

Colonial Van Lines and the 3 S’s of Storage

If your trip down south requires short term or long-term storage, Colonial Van Lines offers a clean climate-controlled storage facility with a trustworthy team to look after your belongings. At Colonial, we pride ourselves on our 3S’s. Our storage facilities are:

  • Secure: All your items are stored in high-quality units which we thoroughly document for quick access and easy identification.
  • Spacious: Our facility has a vast amount of space to accommodate all your items, including trampolines, furniture, and commercial equipment.
  • State of the Art: Our temperature-controlled facilities help to preserve the condition of your items. Our warehouse resists pests and dust and minimizes the risk of mold and rust.

Whether you’re looking for full service or commercial storage, take our snowbird advice and check out Colonial Van Lines for storage. And don’t just take our word for it. Read our trusted reviews to find out why everyone flocks to Colonial for storage.

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