Your Seasonal Guide for Moving in Fall

Moving in the fall has its benefits. Between the cooler weather, the less-packed schedules, and the lower prices, there’s lots to love about moving in the fall. Despite your excitement to move this time of year, you might still be searching for some fall moving tips. You’re in luck! In this post, we’re going to share our tips for moving in fall, no matter where you may be going.

Let’s make like a child in a leaf heap and dive in.

What to Love About Moving in the Fall

There’s lots to love about moving in the fall:

  • Open schedules. Peak moving season runs from May 15 to August 31. This means that moving in the fall is a great option if you’re looking for a more open moving schedule and more flexibility with your movers. Thanks to less packed moving schedules, you’ll likely have a larger pick of moving companies and professionals to work with.
  • Cheaper prices. Since fall isn’t peak moving season, there’s more room to negotiate prices during your move. This means you can save hundreds during your move and enjoy a streamlined process, regardless.
  • Cooler temperatures. Not having to conduct a move in summer temperatures is a huge plus. Moving during  the fall in cooler temperatures,  makes the entire process easier and more pleasant for you and any movers you may want to hire.
  • Fall scenery. Fall scenery is a great thing about moving during the fall. While there’s no way around the back and forth of moving, fall scenery makes it much more beautiful and relaxing. Why not find a way to slow your move down a bit and enjoy it?

7 Smart Steps for Moving in the Fall

With over fifty years in the moving and storage industry we know what the fall season can bring to the moving experience. Here are the steps you can take to minimize your efforts while moving during the fall.

1. Declutter

As is true with all moves, you should declutter before you start moving. This not only makes your move less expensive but will give you a better idea of what you need and what you don’t need as you start the moving process.

To declutter your home, start by getting rid of anything you haven’t used in a year or more. From there, look at duplicates, items that are outdated or excessively worn, or anything that no longer suits your lifestyle.

2. Get Storage if You Need it

Have you considered getting a storage shed? If not, now is a great time to do it. If you’ve got items that you can’t afford to get rid of but don’t want to part with, store them in a storage shed.

There are plenty of beautiful storage options available, all of which are climate-controlled and secure, and are a great place to store your items until you need them next. Be sure to be mindful of stored seasonal items you’ll need for upcoming holidays as you decide what to store and what not to store.

3. Pack Essentials Last

If you think about how you want to unpack, it will assist you in planning your move. As you pack your truck, be sure to keep the items you’ll need first toward the back of your truck.

This may include your bedroom and bathroom materials, clothing, or any specific items you need to use immediately upon your move into the new home. This makes your unpacking process a breeze and ensures you’ll always have access to the most important items you need.

4. Setup Your Utilities in Advance

Before you move, set up the utilities at the new home. There’s nothing worse than arriving there and finding that you don’t have water, heat, or (ahhhhh!) internet.

With this in mind, call several weeks in advance to set up your new utilities. Keep in mind that it can take days or weeks for new utilities to go into effect, so you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time on this.

Here’s a list of utilities & other services that you’ll need to transfer that comes from our moving checklist:

  • Electric
  • Trash
  • Gas
  • Lawn/snow service
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Newspaper
  • Internet
  • Cleaning service
  • Pool Service
  • Pest Control
  • Water Softener
  • Local Memberships

5. Clear Pathways

Fall foliage is serene and breathtaking as long as it doesn’t make its way involuntarily into your home. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a broom by your entry ways and periodically sweep your paths so the movers or your crew of happy helpers don’t track leaves and dirt into your new home.

Also, depending on your walkways and how recently it may have rained in your new neighborhood, those piles of soaking leaves can be quite slippery. You’ll have to be extra conscious about your footing and make sure you are wearing study shoes. No flip flips, slides or sandals for moving day.

Pro-Tip: If it’s a drizzly day, buy some painter’s plastic sheeting or cut open large trash bags and tape to entry way floors to protect your flooring.

6. Dress in Layers

Fall weather can be a bit unpredictable. Make sure you’ve got a couple clothing items on-hand that will accommodate various weather scenarios for your fall move. You’ll need:

  • a lighter outfit in case it’s unseasonably warm
  • a longer sleeved shirt or jacket for cooler temperatures
  • a rain jacket and umbrella in case of chilly fall rain

Pro-tip: Music lovers, now is a great time to use those ear warmers. If it’s chilly, not only will they provide some comfort to freezing lobes but they will also keep your ear buds in your ears while loading your boxes, and unpacking your house.

7. Unpack for the Season

Listen. Moving at any point in the year has its challenges. It can be easy for other events to sneak up on you while you are overseeing and coordinating the move of your household. So don’t be surprised when your fall move makes it seem like the holidays are gaining on you at lightning speed. Do yourself a favor and label the boxes with all your entertaining supplies and ask the movers to put them somewhere that you won’t have to dig around on Turkey Day.

  • Crock Pots
  • Platters and Serving Dishes
  • Food Processor (for those lump-free mashed potatoes)
  • Rolling Pin ( For pies and empty threats to naughty children)
  • Decorations
  • The good china (to impress the in-laws)
  • The traditional Pilgrim table cloth
  • Your spiked eggnog bowl

Keep in Mind that Days are Shorter

Daylight savings time is the first weekend in November. If your move is after that, your days will end and night will begin as early as five o’clock in some parts of the US. If you plan on unboxing after that, be sure you have proper lighting to support you. Make sure you don’t forget to have your electricity turned on in your name at your new place. Keep flash lights handy so you can access areas like the garage, even if you run into a blown bulb. Keep some extra layers nearby to keep you toasty warm as the night begins to cool down like a scarf or gloves.

Breaking it to the Kids

Moving is never easy on children, but moving during the school year has a huge downside. You’ll have to disrupt your children’s school environment just when they were starting to settle into the school year. This is the main reason why the real estate market and the moving market are so hot in summer despite the temperatures and expense. Not many parents want to juggle a new school as well. However, the best advice to help your kids if they have to move in the middle of their school year is to give them time to grasp it. Do not put off telling your kids about a move. The more time they have to prepare, the better. Try to list out some of the advantages they’ll have by moving in the fall.

Maybe because of scheduling, they’ll get to go to two homecomings. Or maybe they will get to enjoy a Halloween that isn’t rainy and freezing. Maybe they are moving from a more tropical area and will finally get to see some leaves change. Whatever you can find to help them embrace the move is fair game, moms and dads.

Moving in the Fall, Made Simple

Moving in the fall doesn’t have to be difficult! With these moving tips, you can streamline your move, enjoy the process, and even take in some fall scenery on the way. It’s a great time to get on the road, and our team here at Colonial Van Lines is here to help you. Contact us today to get a quote and more!

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