Moving Resolutions This New Year

Are you moving in the New Year? Maybe you’re headed to a far-off location to attend school, take a new job, or be closer to friends or family. Maybe it’s just time for a change and you’re looking forward to changing up your daily environment. No matter what the case may be, moving is a big opportunity, and it can be exciting when you approach it accordingly with some New Year Moving Resolutions. If you’re looking for a few resolutions to apply to your New Year move, here are a few to consider:

Make a List & Stick to it

New Year Moving Resolutions - Make a List

Moving is hard enough with a list, and it’s virtually impossible without one. With this in mind, make a list and stick to it. Here are a few things to add to your list:

  • What you need to do before your move
  • What items you need to pick up
  • How much you need to spend
  • What you’re missing
  • Who is helping
  • What you’ve done
  • What you have left to do
  • What you need to be thinking about as you finish your move

Update your move often to ensure it stays accurate, and add new items to it frequently.

Set Goals

Who said goals are just for the gym? If you think you can’t set moving goals, think again. Moving goals can help keep your move on track and ensure you’re not missing anything. While there are dozens of different ways to set a moving goal, there are a few simple areas you can always aim to improve in, including how long your move takes, how much it costs, how much help you hire and the state your items arrive in. For best results, set goals that are actionable and measurable, and set out to meet them. Not only does this focus your move, but it also helps ensure you’re not missing anything obvious or avoidable as you complete your move.

Set Deadlines for your Goals

New Year Moving Resolutions - Set deadlines

Make your moving resolution goals totally actionable by setting deadlines for them. For example, if your goal is to move faster, make it “Move within six weeks.” If your goal is to spend less on your move, make it “Spend $200 on my move.” The more actionable a goal is, the more likely you are to obtain it. Don’t forget to adjust your goals if you need to. While applying a deadline is a great way to light a fire under your move, it can also make it excessively stressful if you do it the wrong way. Don’t use a deadline as a rope to hang yourself by. Instead, establish deadlines as a way to improve and enhance your move.

Go Green: Recycle More

Moving creates a lot of waste. You have two choices with that waste – you can toss it our or you can recycle it. While it takes a bit of extra work to identify and recycle things like cardboard and plastic, it can save pounds of trash from hitting your local landfill. To make recycling easier and more accessible, create a simple system for making it happen. For example, you might want to establish a few simple bins in your garage or shop and toss recyclable materials in as soon as you identify them. This keeps your waste to a minimum and ensures you’re doing your environmental duty all at once.

Eating Healthier during the move transition

New Year Moving Resolutions - Eating Healthier

When you’re moving, it’s easy to let your diet go down the drain.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to set a goal to eat healthier throughout, you can do that! Here are a few smart ways to make it happen:

  • Prepare and freeze healthy meals ahead of time. Warm them up when you’re ready.
  • Create salad or soups in a jar. This makes it easy to dump them out and eat them on the go.
  • Order healthy meals from local restaurants. Fast food isn’t your only option!
  • Ask friends and family to set up a meal train. They’ll drop by homemade meals you can enjoy at any time!

Manage pre-moving jitters by planning ahead

Moving can be an anxiety-producing experience if you’re not preparing correctly for it! Fortunately, the best solution to pre-moving jitters is simply to prepare ahead of time. Instead of leaving everything to the last minute, create a moving plan of attack in the months leading up to your move, and execute it slowly but deliberately. The more you do before it becomes crunch time, the better able you’ll be to avoid nervousness and mistakes, throughout.

Plan extra time to get settled in your new home

New Year Moving Resolutions - Get Settled in

Once you’ve moved, you still have to get settled into your new place, so don’t forget to leave ample time for this. Instead of scheduling your life so you go right back to work once your move is finished, give yourself some extra time to settle into your new place. A few days will work, but a week or more is ideal. Not only does this give you extra time to unpack and get all set up in your new place, but it provides some space to check out your new neighborhood and find ways to enjoy the things you’re surrounded by. If you need help figuring out the ins and outs of your new neighborhood, don’t hesitate to ask your new neighbors or check out online listings and review sites. They can be incredibly helpful for anyone who is new to the area!

Moving Made Simple

Moving doesn’t have to be tough or stressful. With a team like Colonial Van Lines on your side, it’s simple to set and ace your moving resolutions, and enjoy a streamlined and straightforward process, from beginning to end. If you need help planning your move or coming up with some unique moving resolutions, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We’re always here to help you and will go the extra mile to ensure you have what you need from us and our team.

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