Shopping for Moving Supplies Without Breaking the Budget

The very act of moving is an expensive endeavor when you factor in every aspect of it. Our team at Colonial Van Lines wants to make your move a smooth one. That’s why we have storage and packing services, friendly relocation experts, and over 200 moving professionals ready to handle your most valuable possessions. Packing yourself? W can help. When it comes to moving, its important to buy the right moving and packing supplies to keep your valuables safe during your long distance move. Below are just a few friendly tips for knowing where to buy moving supplies while staying within our budget.

Where to Shop

There are a variety of stores that carry moving supplies. Check out the weekend circulars and you might find that you can save – big time! – in some of these stores:

  • Buy moving supplies online
  • Local hardware store
  • Craft, dollar and 99 cent shops
  • Moving supply specialty stores
  • Department and membership chains

Let Colonial Van Lines Get You Moving

With Colonial Van Lines every move is personalized to fit your long distance moving needs and budget.

Shopping online is also a great place to save. Because of their lower overhead, online moving supplies retailers can pass the savings on to you. In addition, moving companies sell packing and moving supplies. The word on the street was that they were more expensive than the alternatives. Not so any more. Movers buy in bulk as well and do pass on the savings to their customers.

How Much to Buy

You do not have to worry about buying too many supplies. In most cases, stores (both physical and online) have return policies. If not, extra boxes can be recycled or donated. To save on purchasing the packing paper, try saving up a few week’s worth of newspaper, balling and crunching up sheets and placing them into plastic grocery bags. This is a great way to save money, reuse paper and plastic and surround your breakables with adequate cushioning without getting newsprint on the contents.

Take a ride over to your local grocery and pharmacy and save them from having to break down their boxes before they go out into the recycling bin. When it comes to the other supplies such as packing tape, bubble wrap and tissue paper, ending up with a bit more in the end is worth the last-minute run to the store to buy more. You will probably use these supplies again. They certainly will not go to waste.

You can also take a trip to a mall where there are gift stores. There you might find empty boxes with packing peanuts. That’s a bonus you don’t want to pass up. After you’ve done the circuit and seen what you can amass for free, your shopping list will be shorter and your wallet less depleted!

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