Staying Cool during a Summer Move

Essential Tips to Help You Stay Cool When Moving in Summer

The summer season remains the most popular moving period across the nation. During summer, the kids are out of school, employees can utilize vacation days, and the real estate industry is at its peak. However, there is a downside to moving in summer – the heat.

The sweltering heat makes summer moving uncomfortable and ( for some) dreadful. You can easily become dehydrated and that can lead to stress. Nonetheless, you still have to proceed with the move. Here are some useful recommendations to help you stay cool during your summer move.

Plan Ahead

Moving in summer isn’t something you can do successfully unless you have a plan and a backup plan. With your moving date in mind, check on the weather forecast regularly. Knowing the weather possibilities for your summer moving day will help in your preparation.

Begin to monitor the temperature and humidity levels predicted for the day of your move a week in advance. Opt to schedule your move early in the morning. This way, you will be done with a majority of the work before peak heat times. If you want to know what to do during peak heat moving hours, we’ve got a plan for you as well.

Survive a Summer Move by Staying Well Hydrated

When you are overseeing your move, it’s easy to forget about drinking fluids. It’s not uncommon to become dehydrated due to the intense heat. To keep your body temperature regulated, you are going to extra water or fluids. Ensure that you drink about 5 to 7 ounce of every 20 minutes. This will replenish your body and mind, and keep you cool through the vigorous portions of the move.

On moving day, ensure that you have plenty of cold beverages that contain electrolytes as well available in a cooler. The cooler is a good idea because you can store it outside where the crew will be loading. Even if you have to shutdown your fridge to clean it, they will still be cold and available for all who need it. They’ll help keep you energized and refreshed and are a great way to show appreciation to your movers.

Dress Properly for Your Summer Move

In addition to staying hydrated during a summer move, it is also important that you dress properly. However, deciding the right clothes to wear on the moving day can be quite tough. On one hand, due to the heat, you may not want to wear long sleeves or pants. However, long pants and sleeves will help protect you from scraping yourself on furniture corners and other minor injuries.

One summer fashion mistake: wearing flip flops or sandals. Open-toed shoes are a recipe for moving day injuries. Be sure that all family members wear comfortable and supportive shoes during the move.

On the moving day, it’s best to put on lightweight, layered materials with breathable fabrics. When you are not actively moving items, you can take breaks from time to time to remove your outer protective layers, get some time in the ac, then redress in layers to complete the job.

Set aside a rain jacket too (just in case.)

Plan to Take Many Short Breaks

When moving in summer, you shouldn’t overexert yourself or anyone helping with the move. It is essential that you take breaks from time to time. Prepare a cool spot nearby where you and your family can rest. Muscle fatigue can easily sneak up on you and it can be tempting to prolong your breaks while you are still seeing boxes strewn along your home.

Pro-Tip: set a timer for every fifty minutes and take some type of break. Whether it’s to sit down for a minute and rest your muscles or to down a few ounces of water, your body will thank you. Fatigue often turns into accidents, injuries and dropped items if you push yourself too far.

Even after a short ten-minute break, you will feel reinvigorated and ready to continue with your packing and loading. Trust us, you might even find yourself ahead of schedule.

Avoid Hottest Hours

The best plan to stay cool when moving in summer is by avoiding the hottest hours. Ensure that your items are packed before the crew arrives, that way loading can take place during the morning, and the crew can start the transport process at the height of the summer day. By a using color-coordinated system, you can easily mark which boxes will land in which corresponding rooms in your new home. This means the movers will need little to no direction from you when it comes time to unload.

When the heat really becomes unbearable, set up a sprinkler in your yard to cool off the little ones, get out and have some lunch, or grab a box of popsicles for a refreshing mid-day treat.

Pro-tip: the cooling cloths often found at sporting stores are perfect for a day like this. Dunk them in ice water, ring out and drape over your shoulders and neck to bring down your core temperature.

Apply Sunscreen

What’s more, you can protect your body from direct exposure to intense heat by wearing sunscreen. Sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or higher do a great job at protecting you from UV rays. Check on the bottle to see how often to reapply and be mindful that places, where you sweat and wipe often, (like underneath your eyes), will need reapplications often. Take a moment to set a timer on your phone because there will be a lot to think about when you are moving in summer. Also, you can also protect your hair and scalp from heat burns by wearing a cap or hat.

Hire a Professional Mover

Lastly, you can save yourself the added stress that comes with moving in summer by hiring a professional moving company. Professional moving companies execute moves frequently and are prepared with supplies to accommodate all the variables that come with the territory of a summer move.

Above all, hiring expert movers for your move will help prevent injuries or illnesses that can be caused by dehydration or exhaustion. The professional movers are highly trained and well-experienced in summer moving and packing. They can manage extreme temperatures efficiently. They know what to do to ensure the move is carried out safely and effectively. When you hire a professional mover, you can just sit back and relax in the air conditioner. These expert movers will handle all the processes involved in the move.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you stay cool during a summer move. Moving and packing are stressful. The added summer heat makes moving in summer more challenging and overwhelming. Nevertheless, you should not allow the summer heat to deter the task you need to carry out on the moving day. With the insightful tips provided above, you can stay cool during your move while taking advantage of the best moving season.

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