Ten Signs That You Are Dreading Your Long Distance Move

You’ve just found out you’re about to make a long distance move and you’re a  binge-eating, knuckle-cracking, hair- pulling, hot mess. You thought that long distance moving would be a good thing, full of new opportunities and new beginnings,  a chance to start over, but now you’re thinking of seeking therapy. Could it be long distance moving anxiety?

If you have any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that you’re dreading your long distance move. Here are some of the most common telltale signs of long distance moving anxiety and how to recognize and deal with them before they get out of hand.

1. The Sight of Boxes Makes You Feel Boxed In

If you find yourself avoiding liquor stores, bookstores, and even Starbucks, it may be the sign of a deeper issue. Boxes are necessary for moving, and chances are when you start moving you’re going to be seeing lots and lots of them. Long distance moves can’t be done without boxes of all sizes and shapes to fit and protect even the most awkwardly shaped belongings. Stores like the ones mentioned above are great places to find a wealth of boxes. A reluctance to go to these establishments may be a symptom of long distance moving anxiety.

2. You Have Nightmares About Driving Long Distances

When you wake up in a sweat after dreaming about roads that never end, the inaccessibility of water, and bathrooms, and not a hotel in sight, it’s probably a  long distance move related nightmare. Rationalize. If you’re hiring a moving company, the company will take a lot of the driving off your shoulders, and there’s no situation they won’t be prepared for on the road or off. (Keep non- perishable foods and water on hand if you’re going solo- toilet paper is highly recommended.)

3. Your Hand Shakes When You Sign the Papers

Signing contracts is never a pleasant experience and when you move, you’ll get so many of them, you might not get the time to sit down and read them all carefully. No wonder your hand shakes when you go to sign them. One scribble and you could be kissing Grandma’s family heirlooms good-bye.

Signing on the dotted line may be nerve-wracking, but there are ways to steady your hand.  Get to know your moving contract and what to look for:

  • Examine the liability contract to see what you are and aren’t responsible for.
  • Look at the actual pricing to make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t want and that all the services you do want are included.
  •  Check the pricing rates for info on service prices.

4. Your Back Hurts When You Think About Loading

False back pains are a common symptom of long distance moving anxiety. Muscle tension is almost a reflex reaction to stress, and back pains are typically associated with moving in particular.

 Professional movers are the recommended stress treatment for this particular symptom. Finding a reputable moving company who will do the loading for you has been known to take away both the physical and emotional strain out of moving long distances. They also know how to lift properly, using their legs, not their backs to support them. For instructions on safe lifting methods, click here.

5. You’re Hoarding Your Possessions

Downsizing before a long distance move is always a good idea.  Parting with your things not only frees your mind, but it also frees up a lot of room in the moving truck and cuts down on the loading and packing substantially.

 The reluctance to part with your possessions indicates an underlying desire to stay in one place. Hoarding your belongings may not only be holding back your long distance move, but chances are that they’re also holding you back as well. Learning to let go can help you move on with your life and keep the packing and loading to a minimum, which sounds like a good move for everyone.

6. You’re Avoiding Your Friends Because You Don’t Want to Ask Them for Help Packing

When they say, ”That’s what friends are for,” does that include helping you pack? If there’s anything worse than being asked to assist someone with a move, it’s probably having to ask somebody to assist you with a move, especially if they’re your friends.

 Dreading having to ask your friends for moving help is normal, but when you find yourself avoiding them as a result,  it can be isolating and depressing, not to mention, it won’t get your long distance move done any faster.

Professional movers can spare you the anxiety of having to call on your amigos, and get your move started smoothly. Just think of them as your moving buddies, no strings attached.

7. The Thought of Portable Moving Containers Makes You Claustrophobic

Claustrophobia is an irrational fear of confined spaces. Moving involves a lot of confined spaces. If you suffer from long distance moving anxiety, cramped furniture in stuffy trucks and portable moving containers can be a claustrophobic nightmare. 

If the thought of a portable moving container is causing you stress, the thought of one pulling up to your house may trigger a full-on panic attack. Breathe deeply count to ten and focus on the money you’ll be saving.  Renting a container for an interstate move can cut a big chunk out of the price and long distance moves can start as low as $800.

8. You Keep Postponing Your Moving Date

When someone postpones a wedding date, it’s often a sign that they are feeling anxiety about marriage. When you postpone your moving date, it is often a sign that you are feeling anxiety about your long distance move. Postponing moving dates may cause temporary relief, but the truth is the longer you put the date off, the longer you will continue to feel the anxiety. The best way to deal with fear is to face it head-on. The sooner you set a date, the sooner you can start finding the right moving company and expressing your concerns and your goals. The most reputable ones will have you feeling less anxious immediately.

9. You’re Still Buying Décor for Your Own House

In the case that you’re serious about a move, the only thing you should be thinking of buying are the basic necessities. That means food for the day and maybe some various pharmaceuticals. If you’re still stocking up on tchotchkes for the bedroom, it could be a sign that you’re getting cold feet about your move. For someone who is dead set on moving, even ice cream in the freezer can be a liability (unless of course it’s really good and it gets eaten in one sitting).  Save the décor shopping for when you get to your new place.

10. You’re Having Visions of Furniture Damage

Seeing visions of chairs with three legs, lopsided sofas, and shattered lamps? Damaged furniture is one of the more unpleasant consequences of moving long distance, but if you have a moving company with comprehensive insurance coverage, most of those damages will be taken care of. Check with your moving company beforehand to find out exactly what kind of coverage it offers. Reputable companies will offer workman’s compensation, fleet and liability insurance  and standard or additional valuation coverage.

Long distance moving anxiety can be difficult to deal with, but recognizing it and finding ways to prevent it is the first step toward overcoming it. With a professional moving company, you can get the support and help to get you through even the most challenging parts of the journey. Look for these signs and detect them early to make sure your move comes with the least possible baggage.

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