Fun Ways to Upcycle Moving Boxes

It used to be that we did things in the box. Especially when it came to transporting items. Boxes were receptacles made for temporary use. One and done. They were valued for what they could do, not for what they could be, and cardboard box recycling was never given a second thought.

DIY Cardboard Box Projects

Now when we look at boxes, we look out of the box.  We see trees, we see energy conservation, we see landfill waste decreasing, less air pollution, and a better environmental future for our world. That’s why reusing cardboard boxes is so important.

However, on a less serious note, reusing cardboard boxes can also be fun, functional and extremely gratifying.  Here are some of our most fun and most satisfying suggestions for upcycling moving boxes.

Reusing Moving Boxes for Home Décor

After you move into a new place, you’ll probably find yourself low on cash and high on the number of cardboard boxes you have, and odds are, you’re thinking about decorating. Put all three together, and you have the perfect recipe for some high-end home décor cardboard box recycling.

DIY Storage Totes Storage Totes

If there is anything all of us need more of, it’s room, and cardboard boxes are ideal for making more space to store your stuff. When you’re looking to get rid of those boxes and add to the total square footage in your house, making storage boxes will help expand your personal environment, and also improve the natural environment.

You can get creative as you like with storage totes. Start with the boxes, and line them with sturdy fabric using a spray adhesive. (A 10 or 12-inch square box will require 2 yards of fabric; a 14 inch will need three.) Decorate with screw bolts, stencils, paint pens, or anything you think would make your storage boxes truly yours. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

A Doghouse or Cat House DIY Pet House

When you’re relocating, your dog is too, and even though you have your new space all planned out, your dog may want some space of his own.

Celebrities may build mini-mansions for their pooches, but, then again, they live in mansions themselves. Because your living accommodations may not be so luxurious, relatively, a cardboard box should be perfect for your dog.

Reusing moving boxes to construct a home is simple. Just cut out a “door” large enough for your pooch to enter comfortably using a razor and decorate to fit its poochy personality.

Laptop Stand

How’s this for combining nature and technology? You can actually make a stand for your laptop by reusing cardboard boxes. Sound a little ambitious? Actually, you can download a template from Mashable. com and trace all the pieces onto your box and, best of all, since it’s made from cardboard, you won’t even need a hammer and nails!

Each part of the laptop has its own set of slits and you can build the stand just by inserting one cardboard piece into the other, no messy glue or heavy lifting required.

Plus, not only is the laptop stand good for nature, and your wallet, it’s also good for your posture. The DIY laptop stand is angled to add extra height to your screen so you won’t have to put extra pressure on your neck and spine when you’re doing your computing.

Reusing Moving Boxes for Kids 

Kids can make anything into a toy. (Hopefully, it’s not your cell phone or the porcelain figurine that your great-grandmother gave you.) For them, a cardboard moving box on its own has a multitude of possibilities for entertainment, but there are some ways you can help to spark their creativity.

Kids Playhouse DIY Playhouse

Every princess needs a castle, and every soldier needs a fort, and you can make both recycling cardboard boxes.

The good thing about building a playhouse for your little ones is that most of the work has been done for you. You already have the floor and three of the walls, the biggest challenge is the roof.

After you cut off the top of the box, you’ll have half of the roof, you can get the other half from another cardboard box. Tape the halves together and your children will have a playtime box roof to bring the roof down. Tape the roof to the box and let the playtime begin.

Stair SlideDIY Stairs Slide

You know how you’re always warning your kids about leaving their toys on the stairs where anyone can slip on them? The stair slide says, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Your kids can’t leave too many toys on the stairs when the whole staircase is transformed into a giant slide, and you can do that easily by reusing cardboard boxes.

For the stair slide, big appliance boxes are best. You’ll need to secure the cardboard together as well as to the sides of the slide to the wall. If peeling paint is a concern, use painters tape. Lay some pillows and blankets at the bottom so kids have a soft place to land and give them a bike helmet for some extra safety. BTW: You may want to pick up a larger sized helmet for yourself.

Also, remember to clean up when you’re done. The stair slide is a pretty big toy to leave on the stairs and if Mom gets mad, she may not just let this one slide.

Cardboard GuitarDIY Cardboard Guitar

Want to start your little Rockstar off in the right direction? The cardboard guitar is the perfect way to do it. Your child will have hours of fun pretending to be the latest pop star, and the neighbors won’t even complain about the noise.

  1. The body of the guitar can be made with a regular shoe box.
  2. Cut out a sound hole in the middle and decorate as desired.
  3. Use two cardboard strips to form the bridge and attach it to the body just below the sound hole using regular craft glue. This will lift the strings off the guitar for a more sustained sound.
  4. Punch six to four hole in two more cardboard strips and string with rubber bands.
  5. Using both thick and thin rubber bands will help create different tones, much like a real guitar. Make the neck by using a tube (we suggest a mailing tube or the tube from inside a roll of gift wrap, to keep the cardboard content to a maximum) and get ready to wail.

Now that you have your inspiration, it’s time for perspiration. But it will be worth it. Reusing cardboard boxes will earn you points for creativity, points for ingenuity, accolades from pet lovers everywhere, and a home décor that would make Martha Stewart “green” with envy.  So, start thinking out of the box when it comes to recycling your moving boxes and build your way to a better future for your home environment and nature’s environment.




























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