Why Invest in Cross Country Moving Services?

Moving across country DIY? Now, what could go wrong with that?  Disassembling and reassembling furniture, moving heavy boxes up and downstairs, spending nights in hotel rooms, having to eat at Denny’s? And that’s just getting started! If you’re thinking of cross country moving, cross country moving services are a must-have!

Cross Country Moving Services Pay Off in the Long Run

 At Colonial Van Lines, we always encourage positive thinking, but we also encourage rational thinking. We want you to think positively about your move, but realistically about whether or not you think cross country moving services are a good investment for you.

To help you do that, we’re going to give you a realistic view of what cross country moving looks like, and we’ll let you decide if you’re up to the challenge. Here’s a little bit of how cross-country moving looks like DIY and how it looks CVL.

DIY: Gathering Packing Supplies for Your Move:

Ready for your big move? The first thing you’ll need to do is make a shopping list. Here are some items you might want to stock up on for the packing  basics: 

  • Boxes: Use an online calculator to get a rough estimate of how many you’ll need. Keep in mind that the number of boxes may change according to your packing style. Err on the side of caution by overestimating!
  • Bubble Wrap: Don’t forget the bubble wrap! You’ll need it for packing those delicate and oddly shaped objects.
  • Labeling materials: If you want to find it, you better put a label on it! Labels are an absolute necessity for preventing chaos at your new destination.
  • Packing Tape: The cheap stuff may be tempting, but the good stuff is worth it. We recommend using a tape gun to dispense tape quickly.
  • Cargo Straps and Ropes: When you’re moving cross-country, you can bet your items are going to be shifting around quite a bit in the truck.  Invest in cargo straps and ropes to keep items from moving around and causing damage.

CVL: Gathering Packing Supplies for Your Move:

If you’re looking for high-quality packing supplies, look no further than Colonial Van Lines. As one of the nation’s top cross-country moving services, Colonial Van Lines is well-stocked with packing supplies suited to meet a variety of moving needs.  We even have our own special wrapping paper and bubble wrap to keep your breakables in one piece!

Aside from providing superior quality packing materials, we’ll take your furniture apart, label items for transport,  and even prepare an inventory list to help you keep track of everything. Plus, we bring the materials to you, ensuring you never run out of supplies you need.

DIY: Getting Insurance for Your Move

Even if you’re as careful as can be with your items, breakage, loss, and damage happen. Renters insurance and homeowner’s insurance don’t cover your possessions when they’re in transit. The idea of not having mover’s insurance seems bad, but the thought of dealing with insurance companies seems barely manageable.  

CVL: Getting Insurance for your Move

Colonial Van Lines is fully licensed and insured. We can offer you several insurance options, so you can decide how much to get depending on how much you have to move and how valuable your things are.

For more on getting moving insurance, check out iii.org.

DIY: Packing for Your Move

Sure, you can pack for your move; that is if you have a lot of spare time or a very understanding boss. And even if you do, you run the risks associated with amateur packing. Side effects of which include leakage, breakage, and loss, not to mention exhaustion and stress.

Looking to packing tips? Check out realsimple.com.

CVL: Packing for Your Move

At CVL, on the other hand, we take care of all of the hard work involved in the packing process for you.  Our packers have the art of moving down to a science. Not only do our movers have the know-how to pack boxes quickly and correctly, but they also take their jobs seriously enough to handle each item with the care it deserves. 

Because our team is made up of experienced professionals, you can rely on them to bring a selection of materials you won’t find elsewhere and come up with creative solutions for hard to pack items.

And did someone say heavy lifting? We’ve got you taken care of. Once we’ve got your belongings safely packed, we’ll load them onto our trucks for safe transport.

Click here for more details on our packing services!

DIY: Finding Storage for Your Move

 Whether your move calls for downsizing, you’re waiting out a rental agreement, or simply looking for a good home for some good things, finding storage may be necessary. When you’re overwhelmed with a move, however, finding the right kind of storage seems like an extra complication.

CVL: Finding Storage for Your Move

If you need a storage provider you can count on, our storage facility is one of the safest places to store your belongings. Our climate-controlled- facilities undergo regular maintenance for security and environmental hazards. With a large amount of space to store all your items, our storage units are equipped to accommodate both residential and commercial needs. And the best part is, we spare you the hard work of looking for a separate storage service.

Click here for more on storage services!

CVL: A Stress-Free Cross-Country Moving Service

Of all the services we provide, the most important one for us is our customer service. When you work with Colonial Van Lines, we walk you through the moving process from beginning to end. We’ll keep you informed, updated and we’ll answer all the questions you might have for us. From our free rate quote to packing to transportation to unpacking, you can rely on Colonial Van Lines to stand by you from beginning to end. That’s something you’re not likely to find in a DIY move.

When you’re thinking of taking on a cross country move, cross country moving services are always good investments. At Colonial Movers, you can count a big return. Apply for our free rate quote today and let us work out a customized that works within your budget and according to your needs.

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