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Finding a Corporate Moving Company You Can Trust

Finding a Corporate Moving Company You Can Trust
April 7, 2019

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you know how important customer service and experience is. This is especially true for corporate moving companies. You know that a good business depends on integrity and communication with its customers. So when it comes to your moving your own business, it’s only natural that you expect the same from your corporate moving company.

Finding a corporate moving company you can trust takes a little bit of hard work, but then you’re used to that. You’ll want to interview the companies, read reliable reviews about them, and make sure you ask questions about the process.

You probably know a lot about your business, but you may not know that much about the corporate moving business, but at Colonial, we do. Here are some tips to help you find a professional moving company you can trust.

Interview Process

Most business professionals have been on at least one side of the interview process at one time or another. If that applies to you, you know the questions are just as important as the answers. Here are some of the questions you may want to ask your moving company in order to find out the most crucial answers.

How long have you been in business?
Experience is not necessarily the sign of a good mover, but it’s a positive one, nonetheless. A solid track record shows that the company has pleased customers in the past and should have the know-how to please you as well.

What will my relocation charges be?
When a company relocates locally, the way it is charged depends on the type of move. Local moves are usually charged by man/hour. The cost of long distance moves is determined by the weight of the shipment, and international moves are charged according to the volume of the shipment.

While none of these methods are written in stone, one thing should be, and that’s that you are absolutely comfortable and fully aware of all the relocation charges. Also, inquire about any additional policies or protection available for your location.

What is your claims procedure and do you have worker’s compensation?
As with most business deals, moving involves two parties, and it’s a good idea to find out which one assumes responsibility in the case that something goes wrong. Even the most trusted companies can’t avoid accidents. It pays to know the extent of a corporate moving company’s claims procedure to make sure that claims are processed efficiently, if and when they need to be filed.

Getting A Quote

You would never agree to buy something without knowing how much it costs first. It’s the same with corporate moving companies. The mover’s quote can be given online or over the phone, but only the information in the estimate is legally binding.

When it comes to estimates, there are three types:

  • Binding estimates mean the movers are required to honor that price. As long as the items on the inventory list match the ones that are going in the truck, a binding estimate will hold.
  • Non-Binding Estimates are documents with the movers best guess for your total moving cost. The final price is determined by the shipping weight of the load and the services provided.
  • Binding not to exceed moving estimate is sort of like a binding estimate, but better for the consumer, if anything. In this case, you can deduct from the quoted price if your items weigh less than the estimate. Once you sign a binding estimate, there is little room for negotiation.

Read Their Reviews

A company is likely to toot their own horn, but when a customer toots it for them, it means a lot more. Customers have nothing to gain by giving a review, so when it’s a good one, you can be pretty sure the company deserves it.

At Colonial Van Lines, our customer reviews are not only proof of our quality service, but they also dictate the way we run our company. A company that values its reviews will not hesitate to share them. Always look at customer reviews when hiring your corporate moving company. They’ll show you the company from an outsider’s perspective and should play an important role in your final decision.

Ask Questions About the Process

A good mover should be able to give you details on everything from its different packing materials to the coverage they carry to the precautions they take during relocation.

Safety: When you ask questions about your move, concentrate on safety. Is the safe relocation of your employees top priority, and do the movers take steps to avoid unnecessary stressors?

Furniture Protection: Find out what the company does to ensure your furniture is protected. Is it safely wrapped in blankets? Is it positioned properly in the moving truck?

Climate Control: If you’re moving your furniture across distances, you may need additional moving services such as packing and storage. Make sure you find out about storage options and whether or not they’re climate controlled to be certain your furniture “weathers “the move.

Relocation Specialist: The hands-down best way to make sure your move runs smoothly is by having a relocation specialist. Relocation specialists are dedicated professionals who will supervise your move at every step of the way to make sure it goes as seamlessly as possible.

At Colonial Van Lines, our relocation specialist will assign you to an account manager to help coordinate your move. You can express your concerns to him and provide him with special details to make your move as individualized as you need it to be.

Plus, expect him to ask a lot of questions of his own. Our account manager will need a host of information from you in order to formulate a custom relocation plan tailored to your business, and he’ll keep you and your employees in the loop. The most important part of our corporate relocation is the employers. We want to provide our customers with a feeling of comfort and enjoyment.

Resources and Services

At Colonial Van Lines, our service doesn’t begin when the move starts, nor does it end when the move is over. We provide resources to help you prepare for your move, services to support you during your move, and also make sure you have the tools you need to get you settled in your new neighborhood.

We provide our customers with a moving checklist to help you stay on top of your move, literature on customer’s rights and responsibilities during the move, information on storage services, and even provide resources to find the best schools for your children once you get to your new location.

Come check out Colonial Van Lines for all your corporate moving needs. We’re sure you’ll like doing business with us.


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