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How to Get Moving Quotes with Better Accuracy

How to Get Moving Quotes with Better Accuracy
April 9, 2020

Getting moving quotes from different movers makes it possible to plan properly and organize your move. Regardless of the size of your move, the moving company is required to provide you with a written estimate. However, the accuracy and quality of your moving estimate can vary greatly. Nonetheless, you can make a suitable provision for every moving expense if you get moving quotes with better accuracy.

What’s more, getting moving quotes with better accuracy gives you a better idea of the actual moving cost. This way, you plan your moving budget accordingly. Though, getting accurate moving quotes requires a great deal of effort on your part. Here are some tips to help you get moving quotes with better accuracy:

Deal with a Trustworthy and Reputable Moving Company

The first step towards getting quality and accurate moving quotes is to deal with trustworthy and reputable movers. These reputable movers have their image to protect. They want to be as transparent as possible in every deal. Hence, they do not use bait and switch tactics.

What’s more, reputable moving companies will never lure you with a lesser estimate just to beat the competition. You will be given an accurate moving quote with no hiding cost, extra fees, or charges. By dealing with reputable and trustworthy movers, you can avoid fraudulent extortions during your move.

Provide a Detailed Inventory

Furthermore, in order to get moving quotes with better accuracy, you need to provide a detailed inventory. The detailed inventory lets your potential mover know all the items and belonging you intend to move.

Make the inventory as details as possible. If there are large appliances, furniture pieces, smaller items, or any other personal belongings, include them. Avoid any kind of confusion or misinterpretations on your part. If you can provide a well-detailed inventory and other necessary information, you are also going to get accurate moving quotes.

Request for an On-Site, Written Estimate

What’s more, on-site estimates are more accurate than online or phone estimates. These estimates given over the phone or online are just a calculated guess of the total moving cost. They can never be as accurate as a written estimate given on-site.

Invite the moving company’s representative to your home or office for an on-site estimate. The mover will be able to check out the belongings that need to be moved. During the on-site estimate, the weight of your shipment and the amount of labor required for the move will be determined.

Also, the on-site estimates will help determine the time required for packing and other extra costs for the move. Thus, making it possible for the moving company’s representative to arrive at a more accurate and realistic moving quote.

Ask About Hidden Fees and Charges

At times, the initial moving quote may not include extra services that will be provided by the moving company. Such extra services include long carry, shuttle service, packing services, additional packing supplies, bulky items, and more. Ask if there are hidden fees or charges for additional moving services. Also, ask about the reason for these extra charges.

Remember, this is not just about price harvesting. You are conducting an interview with the mover you want to entrust with your move. The moving company you want to trust with your belongings and life’s possessions must be able to provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns about the charges in the moving quote. With this, you can get moving quotes that are as accurate as possible.

Consider the Moving Date

Often times, the date of your move may likely affect the overall moving cost. If you move during the peak moving season, your move may cost more. This also applies to weekend moves or moving on public holidays. Because these are busy moving periods, the moving company may charge you extra.

However, you can save costs by moving during weekdays, especially early in the morning. Also, you can allow the moving company to choose a suitable moving date for you. Clients that are flexible with the moving date will get accurate and subsidized quotes from the moving company.

Ask How Long the Moving Estimate Is Good For

In addition, you should ask the mover how long the moving estimate is good for. Moving quotes can change based on several factors. Such factors include how busy the moving company is currently, time of year and week, and so forth. Thus, ensure to ask the mover the given moving estimate has an expiry date.

Understand the Difference between Nonbinding and Binding Moving Estimates

Finally, to get moving quotes with better accuracy, you need to understand the difference between nonbinding and binding moving estimates. A binding moving estimate is a moving quote that holds your mover to the estimated moving cost. Whether the moving cost is higher or lower than the given estimate, you will only pay the estimated cost.

However, nonbinding moving estimates do not hold the mover to the given moving quote. The final moving cost often turns out higher than the given quotes. Be wary of movers that give nonbinding moving estimates. The last thing you want is for the mover to ratchet the moving cost with additional or hidden charges.

Getting moving quotes with better accuracy makes it easier to plan and budget for your move accordingly. However, take your time to go through the moving quotes received from different movers. Ask questions about the reason for these charges or anything that is not clear to you. Make sure you understand the quote before you hire the company. With this, you can avoid hidden or unnecessary additional charges and get the best value for your bucks.

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