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How To Keep Bugs Out Of Moving Boxes

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Moving Boxes
May 3, 2020

Moving is stressful enough without having to deal with pests. Bugs in cardboard boxes are more common than you might think, but don’t worry—we have you covered. Read on to learn exactly how to keep bugs out of storage boxes.

Top 3 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Cardboard Boxes

The best way to keep bugs from nesting in your storage boxes is to make sure they don’t get in there in the first place. Because we don’t examine our stored items often, invaders can go undetected until we find our clothes or other at-risk possessions destroyed. 

Wondering how to prevent this from happening to your valuable belongings? Here are the top three tips you need for how to keep bugs out of moving boxes:

  1. Pack Correctly

There’s a right way to pack that can stop tiny bugs in cardboard boxes from ever being an issue for you. Be sure to check each box thoroughly before inserting your susceptible belongings, and use sealable bags when packing your nicest towels, clothes, sheets, and blankets. We also suggest wrapping carpets or rugs in plastic, if possible. 

It’s important to be particularly thorough as you pack. Doing so will ensure nothing problematic can get into your packed items. This can involve taping damaged seams on corners of your cardboard boxes, and double taping boxes that may wind up being stored longer. 

  1. Use the Right Boxes

Cardboard boxes have a reputation for being affordable and practical. We don’t want you to miss out on the time and money savings from using cardboard boxes for your move. However, there are good—and bad—types of cardboard boxes to be aware of. 

For instance, corrugated cardboard boxes are highly sturdy and provide good protection to the items packed inside. On the other hand, accepting old boxes from friends and family without knowing how they’ve been used could mean dealing with unwanted bugs in cardboard boxes. 

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  1. Bug Repellent

Pest control products can be very effective against insect intruders. For non-chemical preventive pest control, look for natural alternatives such as scented soaps and cedar blocks. 

Diatomaceous earth, a natural material that kills insects by dehydrating them, is harmless to humans and readily available online and in stores. Traps, when used with care, can also serve as effective alternatives.

Colonial Van Lines: Helping Our Customers Say No to Bugs

At Colonial Van Lines, we want all of our customers’ moves to be free of bugs and stress. As a reputable moving company, we have over 100 dedicated agents and movers with over 50 years of experience in the moving industry, devoted to getting the job done right. Whether it be packing or transportation, rest assured our team will keep in constant communication with you from the beginning of the process to the end.

Not only does Colonial offer an outstanding team, but we also go the extra mile by customizing your moving experience. We assign a personal relocation assistant who takes notes of your special requirements and keeps everything running according to plan. 

Our team honors transparency, so you can count on us to give you a detailed breakdown of expenses before you agree to a contract. Request our free rate quote today, and feel free to talk to our movers about additional pest control methods. We’ll bug-proof your storage, and we’ll stress-proof your move.


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