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How to Move Your Electronics and Smart Home Devices

How to Move Your Electronics and Smart Home Devices
July 17, 2019

If you’re one of the 40 million Americans planning to move this year, whether down the street or across the country, you’ll likely have a great deal of planning and packing to do. Well you’re making that plan there may be a few important items that you’re forgetting about: your electronics and smart home devices.

When it comes to moving your technology, it’s more than just simply unplugging it and throwing it into a moving box. Some devices are hardwired into the electrical system and even the slightest of error in uninstalling a device can become a costly issue. Other devices may need to be properly shut down before unplugging them or you could potentially lose stored data. So, before you move into your new place, take some time to create a plan to help prevent damage, data loss, or even theft.

Make a Plan

Take Inventory

  • Go room by room and make a list of all of your devices and the accessories that go with them
  • Create a list of all accessories and equipment needed for each device
  • Take a picture of the set up
  • Use the Colonial Van Lines App to make this process much easier
  • Make Decisions
    • Move everything


  • Leave some or all behind
    • Determine which devices need to be installed prior to your official move in day
  • Prepare for Emergencies
    • Back-up all of your data on your devices so that it will be readily available again in case damage to a device occurs in the transition
    • Set up homeowner or rental insurance on the new place ahead of time in case theft happens during the transition

Pack Them Safely

  • Properly disconnect your devices
  • Label each cord with colored electrical tape and a marker
  • Ask a professional for help if they are hardwired or mounted
  • Clean the dust and debris off before packaging
  • Place them inside of a case, their original box, and/or bubble wrap
  • Make your life easy by using our expert moving service. Our movers will help you package everything properly for the big move
  • Keep televisions and monitors upright during transport


  • Unpack devices carefully, one at a time
  • Pick a wireless Internet service provider
  • Choose the proper location within your new home and call in a professional for setup
  • If purchasing new smart devices, check the compatibility with current devices first


Take these steps to keep your home safe from the start:

  1. Revert any devices you’re leaving behind back to factory settings.
  2. Use strong passwords on Smart Home accounts.
  3. Ensure your WiFi network is secure and has a strong password.
  4. Activate security features on your Smart Home devices.
  5. Keep all Smart Home tech firmware updated.

Let Colonial Van Lines take care of your smart home and electronics, so you can get back to focusing on what really matters in your life. We’ve got over fifty years of experience in the moving industry and are well prepared with the supplies and know how to get it all done in a streamlined and effortless way. Call our professionals today to find out just how affordable a professional, long distance move can be.


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