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How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving
July 9, 2021

Moving is a big undertaking, so it’s natural to want to rush through the process. Securing fragile items in bubble wrap or paper takes time—and you may be tempted to throw everything in a box and call it a day.

But rest assured: Any time you invest in moving fragile items will certainly be worthwhile. Whether you’re packing fine china, art, or furniture, many of these items are irreplaceable. You’ll be glad you took the extra minutes to ensure your belongings all arrive at your new home in good condition.

So what is the best way to move those fragile belongings? Check out our guide for tips on how to pack fragile items for moving.

Materials Needed for Moving Fragile Items

Before we discuss the steps to moving fragile items, let’s talk about essential supplies. Here are all the materials you’ll need to keep your belongings safe:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Markers
  • Packing peanuts
  • Towels

You can usually purchase these items through your professional moving company, moving van rental location, or at a local hardware store.

Instructions for Packing Fragile Items

Once you have all of your supplies on hand, it’s time to start packing. Remember to take your time—rushing through will only increase your chances of something breaking in the bustle of the move.

Follow these steps for moving fragile items:

  1. Assemble your box and tape up the bottom and seams using packing tape.
  2. Line the bottom of the box with bubble wrap, a thick layer of packing paper, or packing peanuts.
  3. Wrap each item using bubble wrap, packing paper, or towels. Pad the most fragile areas (like glass handles) with additional wrapping.
  4. Put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box, then gently layer the lighter items on top. Use pre-divided boxes to compartmentalize the most fragile items (like wine glasses).
  5. Make sure the box is completely full by adding more packing peanuts or bubble wrap before sealing. This will keep items from jostling around in the box.
  6. Seal the box with packing tape and clearly label the box as fragile. Indicate which way is right-side up.

Tips for Moving Fragile Items

We’ve laid out the steps for how to pack fragile items for moving. But there may be circumstances where a few more expert tips will come in handy.

Here are some other things to keep in mind as you pack.

1. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Box Size

Packing up heavy items? In that case, it’s better to choose smaller boxes, which will be easier to pack and transport during the move. Generally, it’s best to select boxes that leave just a little bit of extra room in them for padding the top and bottom of the box. (Choosing a box that is way too big will only force you to waste a lot of bubble wrap while adding filler padding.)

2. Invest in High-Quality Boxes

The cost of moving can add up quickly, which is why you may want to recycle old boxes to pack fragile items. However, breakables should always be packed in thick, sturdy boxes that won’t give out to whatever you put inside. You don’t want to risk having the bottom fall out when picking up the box.

3. Fill in Hollow Items

Packing paper and bubble wrap aren’t just for wrapping around fragile items. Use them to fill in hollow items like vases and jars, too. This will provide extra padding as the items move around in the box, meaning they’ll be less likely to crack or break.

4. Wrap Items Individually

It’s important to wrap every item individually when you’re packing breakables. Avoid nesting small glasses inside of larger ones, as this increases the chances of them shattering in the move. And don’t be afraid to use additional boxes if you’re worried about stacking items on top of each other.

Keep Your Items Safe by Hiring a Full-Service Moving Company

Learning how to pack fragile items for moving can be tedious and time-consuming. Allow the professionals at Colonial Van Lines to handle the job by hiring our team for full-service moving. We’ll take care of everything from packing to loading and unloading the van, giving you the peace of mind and extra time you need during this hectic period. Contact us today to schedule your move.


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