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Long Distance Moving to Colorado

Long Distance Moving to Colorado
October 19, 2019

Colorado. The Centennial State. Home of mountains, skiing, the Denver Broncos, and more political campaigns than anyone could ask for. Yes, Colorado happens to be a swing state, so relocating there means coming to grips with the reality of constant phone calls, ads, and offered handshakes from political candidates during an election year.

But since not many people move to an area to be assaulted by campaign leaflets, take comfort in everything else Colorado offers.

Whatever your feelings may be about snow and skiing, moving to Colorado will encourage anyone to get outside more often. Whatever else can be said about Colorado, the state offers all four seasons and a secret fifth season of sunshine. We’re not kidding; the state features more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Let’s see Washington state top that!

Colorado’s mountains rate as some of the best in the country, with 53 fourteeners within the state boundaries (fourteeners refer to mountain peaks over the 14,000-foot elevation mark), which seems especially remarkable when you consider the U.S. only has 96 total fourteeners.

Come to Colorado! Our peaks can’t be beat! Also, don’t worry, the headaches and shortness of breath are totally natural. It just takes a bit to get used to the state’s high altitude. Don’t be scared.

Also, don’t let the mountain ranges fool you. Colorado’s geographical layout ranges from mountains to plains, sand dunes to hot springs. A move to Colorado means a move to a geographically diverse state, which means anyone going for a drive across the state will be in for an adventure. How many other states can boast that? Florida can’t; they have to make do with perpetual warm weather and beaches. Silly things.

Still, you can’t live in a state with mountains and not encounter ski culture. Some of the best ski resorts can be found in Colorado, including Aspen and the Arapahoe Basin. Naturally, living in a ski area does not require one to be a skier; we have it on good authority not everyone in Utah attends a Mormon church, for example. But the state does encourage outdoor activities, so anyone with an aversion to strapping to planks to their feet and sliding down a mountain at high speed can engage in everything from mountain climbing and biking to rafting and camping.

Being outdoorsy brings with it the added perk of providing an interchangeable wardrobe. Clothes made for outdoor activities like hiking also double nicely as colder weather gear, and nobody will give you sideways glances for going around town in your fishing jacket. Granted, that may mean shelling out more for such a versatile wardrobe when you get there, but it’s better than having to carry a spare set of clothes all over the place.

The median household income for Colorado was $69,117 in 2017, with updated figures set to arrive in September 2019. Compared to the median U.S. household income, the median Colorado household income sits almost $9,000 higher. Factor in low property taxes, and relocating to the Centennial State can look very appealing. But with high incomes come high home prices, so plan accordingly; zoning laws tend to be pretty strict here. In-demand jobs include mining, cement masons, security analysts, home health care, and translators.

Keep an eye on sales taxes, too. The state itself sticks to a flat sales tax, but the counties and cities have the option of throwing in their own sales tax with the state tax. In other words, a city/county/state tax combination can easily result in a 9 percent sales tax. Or possibly higher. Food for thought. At potentially 9 percent tax.

Thanks to the state’s unique mix of high elevation and interior geography due to its continental placement, Colorado sports a climate known for being cool and dry. But don’t let the 300-plus days of fun in the sun fool you; the average annual temperature hovers around the mid-40s.

So, while it will be possible to move to Colorado and not ski, it would be unwise to move to Colorado without investing in warm clothes. Or at the very least, a good pair of long john underwear. If you’re relocating to Colorado from anywhere with a tropic/subtropic climate, invest in them before you get there. Few things in life can be as humbling as trying to buy a winter jacket while wearing every Hawaiian shirt you own in a sad bid to stay warm.

Things to do
Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Garden of the Gods are just some of the parks Colorado has to offer. But if you don’t feel like just visiting a park, consider the joys of the Royal Gorge Zip Line.

Nothing says “Nature is beautiful and terrifying” like a zip line. Unless you’re skiing. Seriously, those moguls will take you out if you aren’t careful. Stretch those knees before hitting the slopes.

Maybe it’s the invigorating weather, maybe it’s the overwhelming appeal of zipping down a mountain, but Colorado enjoys its reputation of being a healthy state. Of course, being healthy can mean different things to different people, so while many might choose to define healthy by walking the trails and hiking the mountains, others will enjoy having a cold beer from one of the state’s many breweries.

Also, the state doesn’t shy away from embracing the winter culture, hence all the skiing and winter Olympic-style sports. But if you should happen to be out in a park for a walk in the snow and you come across a bunch of guys wearing black cloaks and carrying medieval weapons, don’t be alarmed; you’ve just come across a reenactment group. Colorado does not exist north of The Wall.

Also, take some time to understand the state’s laws regarding marijuana usage, even if you don’t plan on indulging. Knowledge is power, and it helps keep you from running afoul of the law.

Rocky mountain high…tail it over there

Mountains and snow sound exciting but not sure how you’ll get there? We’re here to help. With the staff, expertise, and care needed to do the job right, Colonial Van Lines can help make relocating to Colorado a stress-free experience. Call a Colonial Van Lines professional and find out how simple getting to the mountains can be.


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