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Moving Away From Friends and Family

Moving Away From Friends and Family
May 16, 2020

Most of us rely heavily on the support we get from family and friends. We spend quality time with them and go on adventures together. They’re the people who pick us up when we fall. They listen and give advice when we need it most. Frequently, we don’t realize how much we need or appreciate these individuals until we consider taking a new job or need a fresh start somewhere else. Understanding how to deal with moving away from friends and family can be helpful. 

Our team at Colonial Van Lines is here to help.

What to Consider Before Moving Away

At first, the prospect of moving might be exciting—it’s a fresh start somewhere different with the potential for new experiences and adventures. Before taking the plunge and committing to the move, take some time to acknowledge that you’re moving far away from friends and family. Important questions to consider include:

  • What will you instantly lose?
  • What will you not get back?
  • How much energy will be required to sustain old friendships?
  • How long does it take to start new friendships?
  • What will the cost be of losing current friendships?

Pondering and understanding the answers will help make you aware of what you’re giving up for a move. It might seem painful now, but if you decide to move, processing the emotions that come with these questions is healthy. This step will start your moving adventure on the right foot and won’t leave you with difficult emotions afterward. 

How to Share the News

Talking about the decision and your feelings in person is a significant first step when you wonder how to cope with moving away from friends and family. Show how much you love and cherish your inner circle by letting them know this important news in person. Tell them with sincerity and concern that you want to stay in touch. This is not the time for a group text or a surprise post on social media. 

Instead, consider one-on-one dinners where each loved one gets your full attention. If you don’t have the time, host a “thank you” or “goodbye” party to show gratitude for everyone’s role in your life. You might even want to give each person a thoughtful, small gift to show your sincerity. 

If someone reacts poorly, don’t take it personally. Give your loved ones time to sort through their feelings. Listen without judgment and show grace, so you don’t burn bridges when you leave. Some people just need a moment to process tough news and their feelings about it. 

Make sure you stay in touch on social media and by texting, phone calls, or virtual happy hours. Connecting with loved ones is easier than ever these days. One of the best things about our digital world is the ability to keep up with those who matter most. When you move, commit to staying involved in their lives, even if it’s from a new location. 

Make Plans to Get Together

When researching how to move away from family and friends in a way that’s uplifting rather than sad, you’ll discover great ideas to make future plans together. Coordinate vacations to places in between locations so it’s easier for everyone to get there. Consider inviting people to see your new home during the holidays or summer vacations. Planning fun trips with friends and family will give you something to look forward to and maybe take some of the sting out of moving away. 

Stay Busy and Explore Your New Environment 

There’s no doubt you’ll miss your loved ones. When you’re busy and fulfilled, however, you’ll spend less time missing your previous home and feeling sad. Get active as soon as possible when you get to your new location. Start by setting up your new home, making it comfortable and designed to your style. You should also try to explore your new environment:

  • Check out the new pool at the condo.
  • Join a book club or wine tasting group. 
  • Enjoy the marketplace by your home.
  • Get a part-time job where you’ll meet people and earn extra money. 
  • Grab a bite to eat at that local restaurant.
  • Join a gym, running group, or cycling club to exercise and socialize.

The more connections you make to your new place, the more you’ll feel at home and comfortable in the new surroundings. 

Make Friends in Your New Environment

Most people want to know how to move away because they want to enjoy this new adventure. The best way to do that is to make new friends. This doesn’t mean you’re trying to replace your old friends. Still, you’ll be saving yourself from loneliness and lack of motivation and support during this new life stage. Making friends in your new environment will also open doors to opportunities in your new town or city. Go out there and start meeting people!

Give Yourself Time

Things may not feel normal immediately after relocating to a new place. Developing a new social circle where you feel comfortable may take weeks or months. There’s no need to worry about that. Give yourself time to adapt to the new environment and keep an open mind.

Moving away from friends and family won’t be easy. You’ll miss them, and they’ll miss you. Now you’re equipped with action steps to deal with emotional uncertainty and how to adapt when you get to your new home. 

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