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Moving Your Mancave: Tips for all your odd or precious items

Moving Your Mancave: Tips for all your odd or precious items
May 27, 2019

Moving Your Mancave: Tips for All Your Odd and Precious Items

Moving is never easy. Whether you are excited about the move or reluctant, the transition from one house to another can be very stressful. The most stressful part of the process is trying to make sure that all your precious possessions are successfully moved into your new home undamaged. While there are some items that are easy to pack, there are several others that are difficult to move. Here, we will consider how you can achieve success when moving your mancave.

For most men, the mancave is the real fun area in the home. But it is never fun to packing your stuff such important items as your pool table, arcade games, big screen TV, liquor cabinet, keg fridge and the rest by yourself. Every item in this part of the house is considered precious in a sentimental manner. Some members of the household may enjoy only limited access to the mancave.

While you can enlist some members of your home to help, it is important that you take charge of moving mancave items. Here are some tips that can help you get things done the right way:

Take Pictures Before You Touch Anything

Unless you have a new design idea or really want to change a lot of things, it is important that you take pictures when moving your mancave, before touching anything. The pictures will be incredibly helpful when it is time to reassemble your mancave. You can use your phone or digital camera to take the pictures but make sure they clearly show where every item belong to.

Start the Process of Packing Your Mancave Items in Time

It is always helpful to start packing in time. This is especially important when you need to sort through the items in your mancave. Once your move is confirmed, you can start the process. When you start early, there will be no need to rush. Take your time to organize and plan the move.

Declutter Your Collection

This is a good time to declutter your collectibles and give your new mancave a facelift. It is very likely that there are some stuffs that are not very valuable to you again: it is time to let go of such items. Go through all the things in the room and identify the ones that will not be valuable in your newly planned mancave. You could sell such items or donate them to a charity.

Take an Inventory of Items That Are Going Into Your New Mancave

After getting rid of the items that will no longer be part of your mancave, it is important that you take an inventory of the ones you are going to move to your new home. Write out each item and take photos too. You should also gather the paperwork of each of the items. This can be very tedious but it will be important to sort out any issue that may arise. If anything happens to your pool table, for instance, the visual proof can be very helpful.

Remove Parts of Bulky Items As Much As You Can

Your mancave may have several bulky items. Furniture, pool table, arcade games, pianos, and other such bulky items will have to be taken apart as much as possible. Empty drawers and shelves, and remove them entirely if possible. You may also want to remove furniture legs, protruding handles, pulls, and knobs. After dismantling the bulky items, pack them in such a way that you know where each goes when it is time to reassemble. They can be packed in special boxes or wooden crates.

Use All the Help You Can Get For Big Stuff

While you may work alone on smaller items in your mancave, you will need help with the heavy ones. This will minimize the chances of accidental damages or personal injuries. You can also leave the packing of such items to the pros. There are movers that offer such specialty services.

Take Time to Pack Fragile Items

For those items that are prone to breakages, you need to take your time to pack them in a manner that will minimize the chances of damage. Your big screen TV, for instance, will need to be handled with care. Bubble wraps will be needed to pack such items to preserve them. If you can’t handle this alone, get help from someone who can.

Label Everything Properly

It is important that you label everything you pack. This will help the movers to understand how to handle each box to avoid damages. Everything in your mancave is precious, of course, but there are some that are easily breakable and needs to be handled more cautiously. Proper labelling will be very helpful.

Small Precious Items Should Go With You

While moving, it is advisable to have your small precious items with you. This can include some of the precious little things you keep in your mancave. You can keep them in your car if you are driving to your new home or in your carry-on luggage if you are flying.

Get Insurance for Your Precious Items

Your homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover a move. Find out in time if it does. It is also possible that your coverage will not be adequate for the precious items in your mancave. In any case, it is advisable that you get extra insurance offered by the moving company so that you get full value if any of your precious items is damaged.

Moving your mancave will not be easy. The tips here can be helpful in alleviating the stress. When you succeed at moving all the important items, however, it is possible that you will enjoy your new mancave better than the old one.

Are you considering moving your mancave? Contact us today at Colonial Van Lines to handle every process involved in your moving mancave items. We provide affordable, well-detailed, and highly professional moving services.

Our trusted and licensed experts will handle your delicate mancave items including your pool table, big screen TV, arcade games, liquor cabinet, keg fridge, and so forth, with extreme care and caution. We will ensure that all items are delivered safely and in excellent condition. We guarantee you excellent moving services.


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