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The Top Reasons to Move to Sacramento

The Top Reasons to Move to Sacramento
June 2, 2020

Considering moving to Sacramento? Congrats. Sacramento is rising in population and popularity. Once considered California’s middle child, Sacramento is now ranked as one of the top moving destinations for people leaving the San Francisco Bay Area. The city has a lower cost of living than other popular cities in the state, and a whole lot to offer. Let’s get you moving.

Unlike most cities in California, Sacramento gives you a taste of all four seasons. You can experience the beauty of changing leaves during Fall in the only city that has more trees per capita than any place in the world. Sacramentans take pride in their picturesque tree-lined streets.  There’s good reason Sacramento is nicknamed the “City of Trees.”

The winters are considered to be mild and it rarely snows. Although it can reach higher temperatures during the summer than nearby coastal cities, it’s a dry heat which is considered preferable to a humid heat. In addition, all of the trees create plenty of shade.

Sacramento has a vibrant culture, countless things to do, and fantastic food and drink. Whether you’re single or moving with your family, Sacramento has something for everyone.

Here are the top 6 reasons to move to Sacramento, a.k.a. California’s capital

It’s Affordable to Live in Sacramento

(at least when compared to the rest of the state)

If you’re looking to move out West without breaking the bank, Sacramento is a perfect choice. Sacramento houses cost about half of those in San Francisco. But because of the city’s recent rise in popularity, home costs are increasing.

SmartAsset recently rated Sacramento the third healthiest housing market in California, and the third most popular U.S. city among Millennials. If you’re considering a long distance move to Sacramento.

Sacramento Offers Plenty of Things to Do Outside

California as a whole is known for its beautiful beaches nestled on the Pacific Ocean, but Sacramento has beautiful waterways of its own.

The Sacramento Region’s 4,800-acre American River Parkway is home to stunning nature and an abundance of recreational activities.

The parkway has over 30 miles of hiking trails, and one of California’s best Class I bike paths. There’s over a dozen areas to fish, swim, kayak, raft, run or simply relax. The river can also be enjoyed from a marina or one of Sacramento’s many waterfront restaurants.

An added bonus, you’re just a short drive away to some of California’s best National Parks.

Sacramento = So. Much. Culture.  

Sacramento is one of the most diverse cities in the nation, and its culture reflects that. 

Downtown Sacramento, known as the Downtown Grid is the hippest place to be. It’s packed with music venues, local art, restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Midtown is full of artists galleries and performing arts groups.

Sacramento is home to over 600 murals, with more being added each year during August’s Wide Open Walls Murals Festival.

Visit Sacramento365.com for an updated calendar of events; there’s always something going on.

Sacramento: A Historical Landmine

Sacramento’s history dates back to the mid 1800s.  The city was an epicenter for trading and mining after gold was found. Sacramento is home to what is now referred to as California’s Gold Rush.

Sacramento has been referred to as a “living museum.” There are dozens of actual museums in the city that cover Sacramento’s history from its Gold Rush to art and the railroad.

Sacramento is Truly the Farm-to-Fork Capital

Sacramento is a foodie’s paradise. Their produce is shipped all over the country year-round and they boast over 40 farmer’s markets. Local restaurants utilize the local ingredients for that farm-to-fork freshness.

The month of September is devoted to farm-to-fork restaurants and events. Their most popular is the Farm-to-Fork Festival. The festival features a food-lover’s paradise, chef demonstrations and live music.

Each Sacramento neighborhood has something unique to offer

Neighborhoods in the city offer walkable, tree-lined streets. The suburbs of Sacramento have peaceful streets and quality public schools.

Popular neighborhoods

  • Midtown – A youthful neighborhood that can be best described as eclectic. It’s full of hipsters and young professionals. It’s not uncommon to find a single-family home next to a hip coffee shop or a tattoo parlor. It’s one of the most walkable areas in the city.
  • East Sacramento – An upscale neighborhood that’s home to families and working professionals. McKinley Park is a hot destination within the neighborhood, with over 32-acres of green space. 
  • South Land Park – Charming ranch style homes from the 1950’s and old town charm comprise this neighborhood. It offers a suburban feel with lots of restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance.
  • College Greens – Home to Sacramento State, but not just a neighborhood for college students. Located just east of downtown, residents are offered more home and yard space than you would find in Midtown or East Sacramento. 

If you’re convinced to move to Sacramento, we don’t blame you, and we can help. Colonial Van Lines offers long-distance moving services, packing services, storage services, corporate relocation and services for cross-country movers. To help plan for your move, use our free moving calculator.


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