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The Ultimate Moving Day Playlist

The Ultimate Moving Day Playlist
September 14, 2019

Remember when it was “Whistle While You Work?” Sometimes getting through a particularly stressful job takes a little positive energy. Music is an excellent source of positive energy and moving can be a particularly stressful job. Thus, when your moving, a moving day playlist can be essential to keeping your spirits up and your sanity right where it should be.

A Moving Day Playlist for Your Moving Day Project

Just think of it, you’re a hot mess packing boxes in your living room one minute, and the next your Katy Perry singing, “Eye of the Tiger.” That’s the power of music – it can turn tragedy into triumph. At Colonial Van Lines, we want to turn all of our customers’ moving tragedies into triumphs. To help get your move started off on the right foot, we’ve compiled this list of high energy, upbeat songs to put on your moving day playlist. We hope you find them as moving as we do.

  • Movin’ On Up!: Jefferson’s Theme Song
    Hallelujah, amen, and all that good stuff! Whether your “movin’ on up” to that “de-luxe apartment in the sky” or simply to a one-bedroom across the street, this song has all the soulfulness and spirituality to keep you movin’ when you’re movin’.
  • I Like to Move It Move It: Reel 2 Reel
    We’re pretty sure Reel 2 Reel wasn’t talking about moving boxes when they recorded this song, but it does lend itself to the situation perfectly. Even if you don’t like to “move it” (as in boxes), if you sing the song enough, you might just be able to convince yourself that you do. If not, at least you’ll have something to dance to.
  • Push It: Salt N’ Pepa
    At first, you’re pushing boxes across the floor that weigh more than you do, the next your pushin’ those boxes “real good” and Salt and Pepa are cheering you on. Now you’re pushin it like “one fly motha,” in effect.
  • Bust A Move: Young MC
    What are you waiting for? Those boxes aren’t going to move by themselves. It’s time to bust a move. No more “standing against the wall like you was Poindexter.” You know what to do G! Get those boxes moving and bust that move.
  • I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet: Carole King
    You know how it is when you start the feel the earth move under your feet and the sky tumblin’ down, a tumblin’ down, a tumblin’ down, a tumblin’ down, a tumblin’ down, a tumblin’ down, tumblin’ down. It sort of feels like your back in 1971, vibing to some old school Carole King. Add this one to your ultimate moving playlist to bring a little retro groove to your move.
  • Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5
    Label those boxes and start puckerin’ up those lips. When you’ve got the Jagger Swagger, moving comes with ease. Add this naughty song to your moving playlist, and you’ll be moving like Jagger right on to the moving truck.
  • Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song): Billy Joel
    Even if you are moving to a house in Hackensack, this song will have you picturing yourself on the back of Billy Joel’s motorcycle and flying the face of convention. Kick out this jam to bring some ‘tude to your mood and some freewheelin’ to your feelin’.
  • Something In The Way She Moves: The Beatles
    One minute, you’re sweating like a pig, schlepping boxes across the room in your yoga pants, and the next George Harrison sees something in the way you move that attracts him like no other lover. Go, figure. They do say beauty is in the beholder, but hey, if it helps you to keep a positive attitude while you’re moving, add this one to your moving playlist.
  • Let’s Get Physical: Olivia Newton-John
    It’s true moving can get physical, but it kind of makes it a little less stressful when you’re picturing yourself as Olivia Newton-John in a headband and legwarmers circa 1985 surrounded by some Playboy hunks. While it may not be the best idea to do anything “horizontally” while you’re moving, this song certainly does give a new meaning to the phrase “grunt work.”
  • Wild Thing: The Troggs
    “Wild Thing, I think you move me, But I want to know for sure, C’mon here and hold me tight, You move me.” Ok, so maybe “Wild Thing” by The Troggs doesn’t have the word “move” in the title, but no one can really think about the song without conjuring up that iconic second verse. For novelty, nostalgia, or for just plain getting wild, add this one to your moving playlist.

A Word from Colonial Van Lines

We have to admit, those were some pretty moving songs, and we hope that they made your heavy lifting a bit more uplifting than it would have been otherwise. Unfortunately, though, music doesn’t solve everything. There are some aspects of moving that only a professional experienced mover can take care of.

That’s where Colonial Van Lines gives it our best performance. We work together with you to customize a moving package to suit your needs and your budget. Our free rate quotes give you a line by line breakdown of all your expenses so you know what you’re paying for before signing a contract. And once you do sign on with us, we’ve got your back for the rest of the way.

Colonial’s team of experienced movers have the know-how to move your belongings safely and efficiently. With us, you’ll have the peace mind of knowing your possessions will end up where they’re supposed to be, and a reliable reputable moving company to take full accountability. Whether you need assistance packing, short-term or long-term storage, or simply someone to help with the transport, we’re here for you.

Bottom line: keep listening to your moving day playlist. With Colonial Van Lines, you’ve got nothing to worry about but the tunes. Request our free quote and read our reviews. We’ll have you movin’ to the beat in no time.


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