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Top 4 Ways of Recycling Moving Boxes After Your Move

Top 4 Ways of Recycling Moving Boxes After Your Move
April 22, 2022

You’ve made the move to your dream home, apartment, or condo and now have all these empty boxes piled up in a corner in your living room. Moving boxes aren’t cheap, but they’re a necessary investment. Now you’re wondering about recycling the moving boxes, but how do you go about it? Instead of throwing them out in despair, you have options. You could:

  • Store the boxes away in your home for future use.
  • Donate the boxes or give them away for free.
  • Sell unused boxes to a moving company.
  • Recycle the boxes at your local recycling center.

Below are the top 4 ways to get your moving boxes out of sight and into the hands of the next grateful person who needs them.

Keeping Your Moving Boxes

You can always keep your moving boxes for future purposes. If you have storage space in your home, consider the following:

Use them for a future move. If you plan to move in the future or know someone who may be moving in the next 6 to 12 months, save the boxes and gift or sell them. 

Use boxes for storage. Perhaps there are sentimental items that you want to keep, but you don’t have space for them in your house. Pack your valuable items and place them out of sight.

Use boxes for DIY home projects, crafts, and entertainment. With their strong material and neutral color, you could use a few boxes to create floor covering for your aspiring young artist to paint without adding stains to your carpet. Get inspired to try do-it-yourself furniture projects found all over Youtube, or build a castle and have a mini-production with the family.

Top 4 Ways of Recycling Moving Boxes After Your Move

Donating Your Moving Boxes

If you’re ready to part with your boxes and don’t want to throw them away, keep or sell them, you could donate the boxes to your family, friends, or community members.

Give your boxes away for free. Leave your boxes in front of your curb near your apartment or condo.

Write a note encouraging anyone in your community to pick them up for free. You could also consider donating your boxes to:

  • A local school in your area.
  • A public library near your home.
  • A small or large chain grocery store.
  • A charity, food bank, or high-volume shelter.

Selling Your Moving Boxes

This option is less well-known than the others mentioned but can be financially beneficial. Get rid of your unwanted boxes and make some cash. 

Sell your boxes on marketplace sites. Earn money and sell your boxes on sites like Nextdoor, U-Haul exchange, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Boxcycle for the best return. Moving boxes are an investment, so why not make some extra cash?

Sell unused boxes back to your moving company. Contact the moving company that helped you move and inquire about selling back unused boxes at a reduced rate.

Recycling Moving Boxes

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are three foundational principles of sustainability. If you choose to recycle your boxes after your move, look at the options below.

Head to a recycling facility. Locate your county or city’s local recycling facility and drop off your boxes with ease. You’ll know that your boxes will be handled properly and recycled accordingly.

Send used boxes to movers. Did you know that you can contact moving companies in your area and donate gently used moving boxes? Even if you didn’t use a great moving company like Colonial Van Lines to help with your move, moving companies benefit from these types of gifts.

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