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Top Reasons People Move Long Distance (And Why to Hire Movers)

Top Reasons People Move Long Distance (And Why to Hire Movers)
April 24, 2020

Every year, about 32 million Americans are estimated to relocate from one city to another. However, everyone has their own reasons to move to a new city. From starting afresh to excellent job opportunities, good weather, cheap housing, people can choose to move long-distance due to lots of reasons. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the top reasons for moving long-distance.

Why Hire Movers for a Long-Distance Move?

People hire movers for myriad reasons: 

  • To speed up the moving process
  • Get reliable help
  • Have an expert opinion
  • Get peace of mind throughout the otherwise-stressful moving experience

Hiring movers is more efficient than doing the job alone, and it leaves all the heavy-lifting and hard labor to the professionals.

Movers have tried and true processes for taking inventory, packing fragile items, and keeping people and belongings safe during the move. Why hire movers? It’s a no-hassle option that is worth the investment.

Top Reasons People Move Long Distance

It’s a big deal to leave your home and move a long way, whether it’s to the next state or across the country. Why do people do it? Let’s look at the top reasons. 

Get a New Home or Apartment

Getting your own apartment or home is a great reason to move over a long distance. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons to move long-distance. After living with your parents for so many years, you may feel it’s time to live independently or become a homeowner. In order to become a first-time homeowner, you can decide to move to another city or state.

Family Reasons

In addition, people can decide to move long-distance due to family reasons. A lot of people move to be closer to their family and loved ones. Likewise, people can move to put distance between themselves and some family members. Adult children can move to provide adequate support and care for their seniors or aging parents. At the same time, grandparents can move to become closer to their young grandchildren.

Start a Family

Another reason that people choose to move over a long distance is to start a family. However, this is common among newly wedded couples. A newly wedded couple can decide to move to another city to start their household.

New Job and Career Opportunities

Furthermore, people can move long-distance to start a new job or to metro areas with excellent career opportunities. Young people can move to cities to start a new job or increase their chances of getting a better employment opportunity. Likewise, seasoned professionals can consider moving long distance for career advancement reasons. No wonder, migration to cities like North Carolina, Texas, and Florida is on a high. All thanks to the booming employment market.

Relationship Reasons

A long-distance relationship can be a little bit difficult to sustain. Especially when the difference in time zone is huge, keeping in contact with each other will require a great deal of effort. Hence, people can decide to move in order to live with or closer to their partner. A decision like this will make things easier and make the relationship more enjoyable. Eventually, both of you can start a family together.


Also, people often move long-distance to cities or states that are more livable. Areas with lower taxes and lower cost of living are likely to attract more individuals. Places with improved amenities and in-demand jobs will also attract more migrants.

Other livability factors that can cause people to move over long distances include the availability of outdoor activities, entertainment options, good schools, strong park districts within the community, and so forth. Even if the taxes or cost of living is high, these amenities can always attract young adults and families.

Climate and Environment

Another reason that can make people move is the climate and environment. No one wants to continue living in areas with bad weather or unfavorable environmental conditions. Hence, if they get the right job in places with warm weather, beaches, or mountains, they will not hesitate to move.

The Need to Upgrade or Downsize

Additionally, families can decide to upgrade their home once they start expecting more kids. Likewise, the family can decide to downsize or move to a smaller home once the kids become older and have become independent. No use having lots of unused spaces in the home. Rather than paying bills for rooms that no one is using, you can downsize to help save costs.

Better Learning Opportunities

Also, people relocate to get a better opportunity to learn. A lot of individuals can move long-distance to places where there are good schools. This is especially true for college students that have gained admission into universities in other states.

Move After a Recent Life Challenging Event

Unfortunately, not every reason that can make you consider moving long distance can be uplifting or exciting. Life challenging events such as divorce, loss of a loved one, and so forth, can make an individual consider relocating. If you are finding it hard to continue living in an area after a life-changing event, relocating over a long distance may be a great ideal. Thus, giving you an opportunity for a new start.

For a New Start

Finally, there are people that consider moving long distance as an opportunity for a new start. Besides, new starts are full of adventures and opportunities. Hence, young adults can move to new metro areas to embrace a new life.

At the same time, retirees can move from urban areas to rural settlements to live in a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Also, such a move can help them avoid the loud noises, hustle, and bustle of the city lifestyle. For those who can embrace it, moving to a new area can be a great adventure.

Moving long-distance can open up a world of opportunities and adventure. However, it is important that you approach the matter carefully. Before you move long distance, ask yourself why you are moving and the difficulties you will likely face after the move. Also, consider how you will fund the move, support yourself, and the positive changes the move will bring to your life. With this, you can cement your decision to move long distance.

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