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When is the Best Time to Move?

When is the Best Time to Move?
May 7, 2020

If you’re thinking of moving, it’s about time. Not in the figurative sense, necessarily, but the time of year, month, day, and week can have a substantial effect on your moving experience. When is the best time to move? While circumstances don’t always line up with the weather, clock, or real estate market, when you do have options, it’s good to know a little bit about them.  

When is the Best Time to Move?

At Colonial Van Lines, we work 24/7, so we don’t have much choice when it comes to the timing of our moves. But if you do, we can tell you a lot about the subject. Here is a guide to the best moving times so you can make your move at the right time.

When is the Best Season to Move?

Survey says it depends. All of the seasons have their advantages and disadvantages; it has more to do with your budget, your needs, and your priorities. Here is a bit about the seasons and how they may affect your decision.

Is Summer the Best Time to Move?

Ah, summer! The kids are off school, the days are long, and the home selling season is at its peak. What better time to move? The only problem is, you’re not the only one who thinks so. With moving companies seeing over 70 percent of all moves taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day, moving company rates are at their highest.

Another reason summer may not be the best time to move is that moving companies are trying to move multiple households at a time. More stops and deliveries along the way mean a longer time for your belongings to reach their destination.

And need we mention the heat? Maybe we should consider our other options before we make our decision.

For tips on moving in the summer heat, check out moving.com.

Is it Wise to Move my Home in Spring?

Spring, a time of new beginnings. The weather is beautiful, and you’re just in time to beat the summer rate increases. (The peak season kicks off in May- the months of March, April and May experience much less demand).

However, the kids are still in school, and the end of the year is a tough time for the little ones to relocate. Plus, if you’re planning for late May, you’ll run into problems with mover availability. The closer to peak season you come, the less likely you are to find a mover with an open schedule.

Is Fall a Good Time to Plan My Move?

The air is brisk, the foliage is breathtaking, and you’ll be in your new home just in time to celebrate the holiday season. You’ll also have the advantage of a slow housing market. With the peak of home sales tapering off after the winter months, you may be able to find a surprisingly affordable rate on a new home.

The downfalls of fall? Again, school-age children can be a challenge. Relocating can be especially difficult for children at the beginning of the school year. If you’ve got kids to think about, autumn might not be an ideal time.

Why Winter May Be the Best Time to Move

Winter is the cheapest time of the year to move, and it’s not hard to figure out why. The adverse weather conditions can make moving anywhere from unpleasant to hazardous, especially for DIY movers.

Additionally, winter means the winterization of your move. Winter may not be the best time of year to move because it often requires salting down of walkways, waterproofing boxes, and taking extra precautions.

For “Tips from the Pros on Moving in Winter,” check out moving.org.

When Is the Best Month of the Year to Move?

In terms of price, the best time of the year to move is between mid-September to April. These are the months when demand is at its lowest and rates are at the most affordable.

When Is the Best Week of the Month to Move?

Moving companies are at their busiest toward the beginnings and endings of the months when leases typically start and stop. Slip away mid-month, if possible, to get the lowest rates on your move.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Move?

Never on a Sunday and never on a Saturday, that is, if you want to save money on the move. Demand is higher on the weekends and, considering there are fewer weekends than there are weekdays in total, the chances of getting a good deal on your move are slimmer than they would be Monday through Thursday. Also, moving on a weekday means you’ll have the weekend to unpack and get organized before going back to work.

When is the Best Time of Day to Move?

Get the coffee brewing and get the pancakes on the griddle! A.M. is the best time to move, mostly because of the elements. Early mornings mean cooler temperatures in the warmer months, which are crucial to moving efficiently and comfortably. Most moving companies will choose to arrive between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. to beat the sun to your destination.

Who is Your Best Choice for a Moving Company?

Sometimes it’s less about when you move than who you choose as your moving company. No matter what the calendar says, Colonial Van Lines is there to make your moving experience as easy and pleasant as possible. We offer:

Packing ServicesOur experienced team of packers knows how to pack boxes quickly and correctly. We bring high-quality packing materials, offer flexible packages, and affordable pricing options.

Storage Services: If your move requires storage, we provide a clean, safe and climate-controlled facility for long and short-term storage.

Personal Relocation Manager: Aside from our outstanding team of movers, we assign you a personal relocation manager to take note of your specific moving needs. Count on us to stay in constant communication with you throughout your move and address any concerns and questions you might have.

Customized Packages: At Colonial Van Lines, we customize your package to fit your specific needs. You tell us your budget, and we’ll adjust accordingly.

Free Rate QuoteWe provide free long-distance moving quotes for families moving across country. We’ll give you an expense breakdown so you can see where your payments are going. If there’s anything we guarantee, it’s that we don’t hide service fees from our customers.

Even if it’s not the best time to move, it’s always a good time to call Colonial Van Lines. We’ll make sure you get the best rates and the best service we possibly can. Call us today and we’ll make it work according to your timeline, budget, and needs.  


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