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Why You Need a Good Mix of Box Sizes for Packing

Why You Need a Good Mix of Box Sizes for Packing
April 23, 2019

Whether you are ordering moving boxes online, or dumpster diving behind the Target shopping plaza, one thing is certain: You need many boxes in all sizes and shapes for your long-distance move. Life doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, and neither does moving.

The first thing you’ll find out when you start packing is that not every moving box is created equal. There are different sizes and types of boxes to suit each and every packing need, and you may need several of them to meet all of yours. The key to success is finding a good mix of box sizes for your packing. Here are a few different options when it comes to finding your packing perfection.

Small Moving Boxes for Packing
By now, we know that big things can come in small packages, and no matter how small your personal belongings are, chances are they’re a big deal to you. When you have a small item, the last thing you want is for it to be floating around in a huge moving box. You want it somewhere where it can be tightly packed and easily located.

Small moving boxes are usually about 16 inches wide x 12 inches long, which makes them the ideal size for small heavy objects such as glassware, small appliances, books, and decorative items like sheet sets, but don’t judge them by their size alone. These babies can pack up to 65 pounds, but don’t get too ambitious. Professionals recommend you keep it down to 40 to spare yourself (and your movers), the heavy lifting.

Medium Moving Boxes for Packing
Ah, the happy medium: the perfect balance between extremes; the not too big and not too small size. Sounds perfect for packing small household items.

The medium box may be bigger than the small, but the carrying capacity is the same 65 pounds. Its dimensions are 18 inches long x 16 inches deep X 16 inches deep, making it ideal for packing pots pans and the kids’ toys – just don’t pack the kids, the car seat is probably a better option.

Throw your Tupperware into this one, and the toaster and clock as well, if you haven’t already packed them in a small one. You’ll probably find this one fits your household items “just right.”

Large Moving Boxes for Packing
You can fit a lot in a large moving box, but you want to keep it light. Like the small and medium boxes, the large has a 65 pound weight limit, but the proportions are closer to 18 inches wide X 18 inches long, X 24 inches deep. These dimensions make them good for taller objects, lampshades, stuffed animals, pillows and stereo speakers. They can also carry larger kitchen appliances as long as they don’t exceed the carrying capacity.

Extra Large Moving Boxes for Packing
In the case of moving boxes, the name extra-large is more or less self-explanatory. These boxes do much of the same thing as large boxes, only they have a little extra room. That means you can pack the same larger, lighter items with a little extra thrown in, like board games, comforters, and even fluffier pillows.

Specialty Boxes for Packing
In moving, as in life, not everything fits into a neat little box. There are some boxes that require their own special type of handling and customized size or design. Here are some of the boxes that are made especially to accommodate the items that don’t necessarily fit into a certain shape.

Wardrobe Boxes for Packing
Clothes are notorious for wrinkling in standard boxes, and sometimes folding them seems like a practice in futility. Wardrobe boxes are like mini closets. Each comes with a rod across the top so you can pack your clothes on hangers and avoid the folding altogether.

Pro-tip: These can be useful after your move to store out of season items.

Kitchen Boxes for Packing
It’s dishes, its fine china, its glasses, its everything that you tell your kids to never touch, and now you need to move it the long distance in a truck. What could go wrong? Take heart, there is a way to avoid opening your boxes and finding shattered glass. Kitchen boxes are designed for moving all the breakables and many come with inserts and dividers for extra protection.

Picture Boxes for Packing
Whoever coined the expression, “handle with care,” probably did it with artwork and mirrors in mind. Artwork and mirrors are notoriously fragile and costly items to move, and they certainly don’t fit in standard sized boxes. Picture boxes are designed in two pieces so they can be customized to fit any size mirror or artwork. Wrap in bubble wrap for extra protection to keep all your collectibles in picture perfect condition.

TV Boxes For Packing
In today’s world, everything is streamlined, and while that may make life easier, it can make moving harder. Revolutionary appliances, such as the flat screen TV, call for revolutionary moving boxes, and luckily, moving and packaging companies are answering the call. TV boxes are the quintessential solution to moving flat-screen TVs. Their heavy duty to protect the flat screens and made of multiple pieces so you can adjust them to fit your TV.

Moving Kits for Packing
We offer an assortment of moving supplies including a variety of moving boxes for your long-distance move. Moving kits for packing are ideal for a full household moving project. In them, you’ll get an assortment of box sizes, along with some packing supplies to start you off.

Chose from kits for 1-2 rooms to as many as 10+ rooms.

Our Basic Moving Kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • 9 Small Moving Boxes 
  • 9 Medium Moving Boxes
  • 110 yards of packing Tape
  • 1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser
  • 24′ of Bubble Roll
  • 3 lbs of Wrapping Paper
  • 1 Marker

Another helpful option is to build your own moving kit. We also have specialty moving supplies such as Packing paper, Mattress covers, Foam wrap and Packing peanuts too.

Life’s greatest moments happen when a combination of things come together in just the right way. Life’s greatest packing moments happen when a combination of boxes comes together in just the right way. Explore your options and find the mix of boxes to make your next move the best one ever.


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