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Cross Country Long Distance Mover Reviews That Tell It All

Cross Country Long Distance Mover Reviews That Tell It All
February 20, 2020

Let’s face it. Any cross-country long-distance mover can tell you its services are the best. So how do you know that you’re not hiring just any cross-country long-distance moving company?

Ok, so we admit it. Colonial Van Lines’ website might be full of information about our full-service long-distance moving, experienced, dependable movers, free transparent rate quotes, and all the other good stuff you look for when you hire a moving company. And it’s all true! But, no matter what we write, the most honest and important information you’ll get on our website comes from our customers.

When we read our great reviews, we love it because it lets us know our hard work is paying off. When you read our great reviews, it lets you know that we’re a cross-country long-distance mover that stays true to its word. So, without further ado, here are some of our most treasured customer reviews from the people who gave our company its reputation.

Cross-Country Long-Distance Mover Reviews: Believe the Hype!

At Colonial Van Lines, we know that our customers are going to have a lot of questions about their moves, and rightfully so! We pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed and taking note of their concerns. As a result, they can rest assured that they’re working with a company with their best interests in mind.

We Keep Our Customers In the Loop

One of our favorite reviews that shows the support that we give to our customers comes from Candy B.

“My move across the country surpassed my expectations. I felt at ease knowing Carlos was taking care of all my household items. He kept me abreast of the estimated time they would arrive at pick-up and then deliver.”

Candy B.

Thanks, Candy! We love it when our customers let us know that our staff is doing its job of providing the excellent customer service that we’ve built our reputation on. And thanks, Carlos, for representing the Colonial Van Line high standard of service!

We Handle All Types of Moves…..

As cross-country long-distance movers, Colonial Van Lines has experience with all types of moves. We’re prepared to deliver unparalleled customer service, no matter what your move requires. Take, for example, Glenda S. move:

“We moved 600 miles away to be near our children and grandchildren and the people from Colonial Van Lines were very pleasant and enjoyable to be around. They were punctual and fast, considering how much stuff we have. “

Glenda S.

That’s great to hear Glenda! We hope you’re enjoying the company of your children and grandchildren in your new location. Thanks for the wonderful feedback!

According to Your Timeline….

We know that even the best-planned moves don’t always go according to plan. At Colonial Van Lines, we’re available 24/7. We work around our customers’ schedules, even when last-minute changes come up. Luckily, we were able to help out Varun V. when his move didn’t go the way he expected it to.

“The moving company was simply great from start to finish! I would give it a sixth star if possible, every small detail was taken care of, even though I had been scheduled to move on the 30th and called in on the 27th. The movers at delivery and pickup were simply amazing!”

Varun V.

No problem, Varun. It’s our pleasure to take care of our customers. We’re more than happy to work within your timeline to make sure your move goes off without a hitch!

Check out money.usnews.com for information on preparing a timeline for your move!

And Budget!

Another thing Colonial Van Lines customers often comment about is the accuracy of our free rate quotes. They can’t believe how low our rates are and how transparent we are about our pricing. But don’t take it from us, take it from satisfied customer, Susan M.

“We knew exactly what our costs would be and had no surprises upon delivery. The crews who loaded and unloaded were excellent. Exceptional to say the least!!! We would highly recommend Colonial Van Lines and will gladly give this company five stars.”

Susan M.

Thanks, Susan, and we give you five stars for choosing Colonial Van Lines as your cross-country long-distance moving company! Check out our free quotes here to see how we can customize a plan that works within your budget!

For information on budgeting for your move, check out the spruce.com.

Stress-Free Cross-Country Long-Distance Movers

Hey, at Colonial Van Lines, we know how stressful moving can be! That’s what we’re here for. No matter what our services provide for our customers, our main goal is to provide you with the most stress-free moving experience possible. Here’s how we helped one nervous mom through a rough situation.

“Colonial Van Lines handled a move for my 20-year-old son from the Bronx, NY to Colorado. I had no experience with a move like this and was very nervous about the whole thing. They held my hand from beginning to end and delivered without a hitch!”

Darla R.

Music to our ears! We held mom, Darla’s hand throughout the whole process, so she could keep calm and move on! We wish Darla and her son the best of luck and would gladly help her out again.

Friendly Cross-Country-Long-Distance Movers

Who couldn’t use a friend during a move? At Colonial Van Lines, we handle all our customers with the same tender loving care we use to handle their belongings! Just read what Bobby had to say about his experience with our moving coordinator.

“Jordan, the coordinator with Colonial Van Lines, was professional and communicated nicely with me. He gave me a fair estimate and the cost came in under what he estimated. He was also easy to contact when I needed him. It was a great experience!”

Bobby L.

Aaw! Thanks, Bobby. It was just as much of a pleasure for us to work with you. Welcome to the Colonial Van Lines family!

At Colonial Van Lines, we love to get five-star reviews from our customers! But, in our estimation, our customers are the ones who deserve the five-star treatment. If you’re looking for a cross-country long-distance movers you can trust, request our free rate quote today, and check out more of our reviews here. We hope the next one we post is from you!