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Important Info You’ll Need for a Free Moving Quote

Important Info You’ll Need for a Free Moving Quote
April 2, 2020

So, what’s the first step in planning for a move? Calling up a few moving companies, getting a few free moving quotes, the company that offers the lowest quote gets the job? What could go wrong with that? With fifty years of experience in the business, Colonial Van Lines can tell you what can go wrong with that. Incomplete estimates. It’s not uncommon for a moving company to scam customers into signing incomplete estimates and tacking on charges afterwards.  

Free Moving Quotes that You Can Bank On

At Colonial, we’ve had enough of these scam artists giving the moving industry a bad name. So, to protect our customers, and restore good faith in the industry, Colonial Van Lines provides transparent, free moving quotes which include detailed breakdowns of expenses. But to make sure we give you the most accurate and comprehensive rate quotes, we need the most accurate and comprehensive information.

Look at it this way, for a company to provide you with the most complete estimate, it’s just as important for you to know about the company as it is for the company to know about you. Here are some questions you might want to think about before requesting a free moving quote.

Will my move require packing?

Before you ask for your free moving quote, decide whether your move requires packing. If so, tell the company exactly how much packing you want done. Is it one item, are there certain items, or is it a full pack? The amount of packing your move requires will have a significant impact on your final cost.

Will my move require storage?

If your move requires storage, make sure the company provides it. Also, find out whether the company will take your items to the storage location for you as part of the service. There may be an extra fee involved.

Will I need extra services?

Some companies charge extra fees for taking appliances apart and moving large or irregularly shaped items. Make sure to notify the company if you feel you need some extra help.

Do I need additional insurance?

Basic moving insurance covers 60 cents per pound per item. (source). If it’s a one-hundred-pound flowerpot filled with dirt, $60 sounds reasonable. If it’s your brand new 70” TV, not so much. The bottom line is, released value protection (which comes standard in most moving packages) does not cover the full market value of items. If you’ve got some valuable belongings, you may want to look into getting additional insurance.

For everything you need to know about moving insurance, check out updater.com.

What distance am I traveling?

Generally, a longer trip is a more expensive trip. A company cannot give an accurate rate quote without knowing the distance it will be moving your belongings. Long trips can require accessorial charges, expedited service charges, and long carry charges, to name a few. A reputable company will ask the customer to provide information about the starting point and endpoint of your journey.

Free Moving Quotes at Colonial Van Lines

Got the answers? Great! Now you’re ready to request our free moving quote! Just click here and enter the zip code of your current residence and the zip code of your new address on the provided form. Include relevant details as well as the date your planning to move. Enter your email address, and we’ll send a ballpark estimate.

And if you want to knock it out of the ballpark, how about giving us a virtual tour of the house? Our free downloadable app lets you take pictures and videos of your belongings and even input instructions.  Show us what you got, and we’ll be able to give you a  detailed estimate without the hassle of scheduling an in-home appointment.

But don’t close that app just yet. Our app is an industry-first designed to make your move easier. With it, you can order high-quality packing materials directly from Colonial at our special discounted rate. It also contains a moving checklist to keep you on top of your moving game.

Beyond the Free Moving Quote

Now that we know about you, we’ll tell you a little bit about us. Colonial Van Lines is a long-distance moving company dedicated to the proposition that no two moves are created equal. Because of this, we offer customized plans tailored specifically to meet the needs of each and every customer. From planning to packing to storage, we’re a full-service company that you can depend on for the quality service you deserve.

Packing Services

Packing it up making you feel like packing it in? Leave it to the pros at Colonial Van Lines. We’ll get your packing done the way you would have done it yourself (if only you had fifty years of experience, like us). 

Rest assured, at Colonial Van Lines, every performance is a five-star performance. Our movers will show up at your door on moving day, armed with our special wrapping and bubble wrap to keep your delicate items safe. When it comes to furniture, we use our high-quality blankets to make sure your pieces are well protected during transit. And, as always, we provide our courteous customer service, our wide range of expertise, and our flexible packages to suit your needs and budget.

Click here for more information on our packing services.

Storage Services

We know that when you leave your precious items in storage, you expect them to be cared for. At Colonial Van Lines, we pride ourselves on living up to our customers’ expectations. Our storage facilities are state of the art, climate controlled, spacious, monitored, and affordable. We offer short term, long term, storage in transit, as well as full storage service options.  

Click here for more information on our storage services.

The first step in planning for a move? Determining your budget. The second step in planning for a move? Getting in touch with Colonial Van Lines. Request our free moving quote today, and we’ll be happy to draw up a verifiable, transparent estimate along with a detailed inventory. As the nation’s top-rated company, we’re dedicated to making your long distance move straightforward, streamlined, stress free. Our friendly representatives are waiting to hear from you!


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